Why does the oil pressure sensor light is lit- the causes of failure

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Sometimes it happens so that idling on the dashboard of cars or after starting the engine, the dashboard lights up the lamp pressure sensor. Unlikely, without opening the hood, determine the cause, as reasons why the light bulb, sometimes several. Accuracy can be said to be 100%, it means that something in the engine has already turned down or comes out.

The causes of malfunctions

Oil pressure lamp is a warning that something was wrong with the motor. The causes of this phenomenon – problems in the engine, lack of proper and regular maintenance of cars, when made defective repair the power unit. In fact, the reason does not play a large role, will hardly be easier if you can find someone who is to blame for this failure. The main thing is the problem and need to be addressed. It is necessary to detect the malfunction, which lit up by the light on the pressure, to work on fixing it, otherwise the consequences could be more difficult and far .

The main reason that a sensor informs about malfunction

The pallet reduced oil level

The first reason that oil pressure lamp lights up, reduce the level of the oil in the pan. When car owner regularly operating the vehicle, he keeps to the main body of the engine missing dribbling, constantly monitors the level of the oil. You should cause anxiety in place permanent parking auto small oil stains.

Why does the oil pressure sensor light is lit- the causes of failure

The second possible reason for which lights up the light bulb oil pressure, this is when used substandard or not original oil filters. After stopping the engine in the oil filter must be a certain amount of oil. This is required in order to not coming out effect “of oil starvation of the motor. This dangerous and unpleasant feature of owning oil filters are of poor quality, so they have not implemented the function maintenance grease the inside of the filter and it is without any obstacles drains into Carter’s car.

Faulty wiring of the sensor the reason that can the light bulb oil pressure. It is located on the dashboard that is triggered if the pressure is something wrong happens depends on sensor pressure. When the oil pressure below the norm, the sensor closes the lamp to «mass». After increased pressure to the prescribed level, the pressure comes back to normal, contacts, sensor and lamp is extinguished. When a faulty sensor, then the lamp will light up when changing the pressure, for example, the bulb.

Glowing lamp oil pressure when crashes and pressure valve. When the system is very low oil pressure, a pressure reducing valve must be in the closed position. When the valve is in open position freezes or gets jammed, then the system is formed by the required pressure and light up the oil pressure lamp.

When the grid is clogged oil pump, oil pressure sensor indicates low pressure. With mesh oil pump protection occurs and the engine to the working surface shining big particles. Metal shavings, dirt and other unwanted elements acting on the surface of all parts, as a rough abrasive. Clean oil without contamination of the well goes through the net, the pressure sensor is located in a tranquil State “, which indicates that the motor is properly working. But if the oil is polluted, it badly passes through the filter, the system cannot create the necessary pressure for proper operation. When the engine warms up, homoeopathic remedy is diluted and it is easier to pass through the mesh. Such variant of failure occurs if remove oil pan.

Oil pressure sensor with signal lamp diagnose failure when failure comes oil pump. When the oil pump does not provide the desired pressure for proper lubrication, locking the contacts of the sensor, lamp on the dashboard will be a signal of malfunction. When completed the check oil pressure, check the oil pump. Why remove the oil pan.

The engine could be damaged severely if the loss of oil pressure. Possible causes, and there is the oil level sensor, if goes warning light oil pressure, and the electronic control has a special pressure sensor that mounts, it causes a flood of liquid to the compressor, the oil fails if the compressor does not start, and the causes of engine oil pressure is high and low, engine failure: change oil and filter. Check the performance of the injector. Avoid excessive idling.

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