The wall in the apartment

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Making home furnishing and especially the walls, today has nothing to do with “life in a tent .” In our time, this is a new symbol of prestige , emphasizing the social status of the owner . To have the home was his face , not enough to pick up the color of the wallpaper carpet on the floor or furniture – it takes more than that. Perhaps overseas souvenir or unusual pattern , a collection of paintings or original lined fireplace.

How can I make the walls of the apartment

Fans of the Empire style make out the walls of the apartment ornaments of metal – old engraving, prints, murals and paintings in beautiful heavy frames . The interior design of this style is characterized by clarity of forms , heaviness and intricacy of decoration.

Play a very important role in decorating the walls and rooms in the English style . Genuine mood is created through the use of pilasters , cornices, heavy textured wallpaper and wood paneling .

Repelled from antique models Renaissance ornamentation . Widely used all kinds of Cupids , pilasters, scallops , Braids , griffins and lions’ heads . Everything is made rich draperies , walls covered with tapestries.

The interior is classic style all should contribute to the achievement of comfort . Wallpapers are matched with understated pattern or plain that the integrity of the space is not compromised . A distinctive feature is the accuracy of small paintings of the same size , prints or panels are placed symmetrically . Carefully chosen and color – quiet noble tone.

The wall during the repair of an apartment – the process of creative , interesting. How will it look like the room as a whole, depends on various factors. But to pick up all the furnishings you need in the same style that they create a harmonious single space , complement each other. The capacity of the decor and modern technologies allow to realize even the most unusual ideas. You can create a room that will simulate spacecraft equipment or a blooming garden of exotic plants . Everything depends on you!

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