Ventilation of a private house natural or mechanical

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Ventilation of a private house  natural or mechanical – any private house ventilation system serves as one of the primary engineering systems. It is necessary to ensure that all residents in the house air is able to eliminate the presence of harmful substances from the air space as well as supplies of oxygen , which is necessary when working fireplaces, boilers and gas stoves , removes from the house accumulated excess moisture.

In an atmosphere of carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in a concentration which is equal to about 0.4 %. If we talk about a person , then it permissible concentration of carbon dioxide should be no more than 1.0% , and for the maximum comfort of his residence , the gas content must not exceed the rate of 0.7 %.

When people pets are kept indoors , they absorb oxygen inside the , in turn, release carbon dioxide. Within one hour of the average person carries exhale 22.6 liters of CO2, to be released together with breath moisture output from the interior of the premises , and not only when it is necessary to constantly replenish oxygen ( O2) , which is expended in breathing . You should also consider the fact that the air inside the building waste products except people living in it may contain chemical compounds that negatively affect health.

Different ventilation systems review

For example, only acquired items of polymers capable of releasing a variety of toxic compounds . From the toilet or kitchen odors can also reach the living rooms , which is not very pleasant. Also smells in the bathroom and the kitchen is always formed an overabundance of moisture, which also must be some way to withdraw from the interior of the house.

question of the organization of the ventilation system for some reason is very often underestimated. For example, a heater for the house , or outer skin is selected very carefully. And about maintaining a healthy microclimate are simply forgotten.

Substandard ventilation system will adversely affect the well-being of all the inhabitants of a house. If the room is stuffy and unventilated – man does not cease to feel the discomfort loses maximum performance , he quickly overworked and often it suffer from headaches . All these symptoms are due to saturation of the body with carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen. Furthermore, unventilated areas gradually creates a microclimate , which will only encourage the development of all kinds on the pathogens , which is why a person may have forgotten even worsen chronic diseases .

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