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outdoor led lamps - Previously applied only LED indicators . But now they are used for lighting. It is now possible to buy LED lamp for home or car, but also on the progress stopped. Very popular LED street lights. This is due to economy and reliability . Incidentally themselves Led elements continue to be imported into Russia . But everything else is being manufactured in the country. Thus, it may soon appear and domestic manufacturers of items that now only imported .

If you decide to replace the lamp light on the LED , there is no need to purchase any additional components or accessories . Manufacturers have considered everything, and because modern lamp perfectly attached to the console standard sample . Next, you need to connect it to the mains voltage to 220V as usual. For this purpose is taken in terminal block. Luminaire housing , which is designed for street lighting, made ​​of aluminum alloy. It is lightweight and quite durable. So, is able to save from the weather and other climatic conditions. And it’s very important, because lights continue to work despite the bad weather.

outdoor led lamps
Thus, if the lamp is used for lighting the city streets , it will serve well a quarter century. Of course, have to spend money , but pay off in the first three years. In addition, LEDs are not blind . Generally such a solution is more economical . Because , as the wire required for a more subtle connection of luminaires to the network. Yes, and much less electricity consumption . And therefore become popular fixtures . Due to its reliability and quality of such devices are becoming increasingly popular and very soon eclipse is simple lights.

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