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What is the barcode and how to read
What is the barcode and how to read In the category Various repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to What is the barcode and how to read.
Whichever product you did not buy it certainly put a bar code that can tell a lot in particular in the barcode necessarily present figures showing the country in which the material or goods produced.

Barcode is a graphical representation of numbers (letters) in the form of bars and spaces designed for automatic reading of technical devices.

In bar codes contains the following information:

- Country of origin, ie country of the manufacturer or the seller (the “flag of the country”),
- The manufacturer,
- The name of the product, its consumer properties, dimensions, weight, color.

Bar codes are used for computer processing - modern cash registers - are computers that have the reader, you have bought the goods, cash register reads the bar code and the computer memory is called the price of this product (prices are set by the store and are stored in the computer for one and the same product with the same barcode in different stores may have different prices).

Suppose we have in hand goods, we see him barcode - conspicuous rectangle composed of a black vertical lines. To determine which country imported goods, it is necessary to look at the numbers below this rectangle. The first three digits - the country code. A transcript of the code - in the table below. But do not be fooled! In fact, the real origin of the load may not reflect what is written in the bar codes. For example, a manufacturer registered in one country and the assembly plant - in the other. Or international company, covers several countries. Or is it about the subsidiary. Many different nuances, and many use it as a ploy for better trade promotion.

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Basis for barcoding taken American standard UPC (Universal Product Code), developed on its basis the European system - EAN. The main differences systems - the length of the digital series (UPC - 13 digits, and EAN - 12).

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