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How to  wash tulle - Curtains - elegant room decor , but that they decorated it, and do not clutter up and hung , accumulating dust, worth remembering a few ways how to properly wash tulle - in this case, the curtains will keep their appearance and long serve delicate decoration of the room.

1. To Launder tulle seamlessly - not shed and sat down , wash it gently - it applies to any kind of washing.

2 . Before washing tulle soak for an hour.

3 . Fill the bathtub with warm water and pour the powder. The amount of powder is determined by eye , the density and dimensions of the fabric.

4 . Wash curtains of the dining room or kitchen can gel cleanser cookware. All food that could nourish them , dissolved in this vehicle.

5 . Thin, light curtains wash shampoo without adding powder.
6. Tulle with colorful drawings also wash and shampoo in cool water - with a wash they will not shed .

7. Strong spots on tulle stain washed off - Apply it gently so as not to corrode the base paint .

8. After washing the curtains put into the machine to spin. Set the smaller speed , and the duration is determined by the weather - if it is possible to hang curtains on raw street - wring their little hang on a string , well stretched them: in wet weather and long tulle wring dry in the house.

9. If drying tulle pull strongly , it dries evenly and stroke it will not be necessary.
How to wash tulle
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