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Air velocity is an important element of many processes. State of the atmosphere must be taken into account in the design , installation and adjustment of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems , as well as in many other processes . Therefore accurate measurement of the necessary parameters are important for achieving the desired result.

To measure the rate of air flow is used meteorological instrument anemometer - If your professional activities in contact with the need to know the characteristics of air flow , you will need to buy an anemometer . Anemometers are widely used to measure the rate of air flow in ventilation systems and air conditioning systems industrial and residential buildings , mines, mines and laboratories - engaged in the organization of labor in such circumstances, you need to know where to buy an anemometer , and that is really necessary.

How to choose an anemometer
Anemometers are not possible without the full meteorological studies . The main technical characteristics of the anemometer are the range of speed measurement , sensitivity, time display performance , dimensions, weight . Anemometers are often quite compact , have low weight and easy to use, so it is usually their use does not cause any difficulty , even for those who have never used such equipment - both at home and at work. So buy an anemometer for their own needs and how to use them and everyone can.

The design of the anemometer up these details : The cup or blade spinner, which is mounted on the axis and connected to the measuring unit . The resulting air flow pushes the cup, they start spinning on its axis. Cup anemometer , is the simplest type of anemometers , buy The cup anemometer is easiest . The design defines the method of calculating the anemometer wind speed : either counting the number of revolutions cups around its axis in a given period of time (hand anemometer ) or cups attached to electrical induction tachometer , so you get the wind speed at the moment and can monitor in real time to see how the wind speed changes ( induction anemometer ) .

Another type of anemometer - lobed : the axis follows the direction of the wind when it changes . One of the simplest and most common is the vane anemometers , wind gauge to buy this type finds it necessary to every person who has a private home or cottage . Modern anemometers have a more complicated design : the blades and gauges are placed in a sturdy housing , together with them , you can use additional tools that make the measurements more accurate.

There are also thermal anemometers , based on their actions on the measurement of the temperature difference on the ” secondary side” : the temperature difference , which measures the tape thermocouple , which is located in the plate probe ( supporting walls) , is equal to the heat flux . Buy thermal anemometer often in many cases a good solution .

Digital Anemometer SmartSensor AR816 is considered one of the most popular anemometers - this unit is ideal for any area where it can be used to buy an anemometer of this type is very simple. The range of air flow velocities , it can capture, is 0-30 m / s, air temperature range - from - 10C to +45 C. This anemometer is compact , reliable and highly accurate measurement results.

One of the most advanced types of anemometers - ultrasonic anemometers , for example , three-dimensional ultrasonic anemometers GILL WindMaster, buy ultrasonic anemometer is a very practical solution . The principle of operation is based on measuring the speed of sound , which varies following the wind direction .

Ultrasonic anemometers are two-dimensional, three-dimensional and hot-wire anemometer . Using a two-dimensional anemometer to measure speed and direction of the horizontal wind. The primary physical parameters ( time passes pulses) are measured by three-dimensional anemometer - This anemometer calculates the figures obtained in the three components of the wind direction.

Anemometer performs the same function as the three-dimensional anemometer , just beyond that with the help of the measurement is the air temperature by ultrasound , so buy this type of anemometer is very profitable. Some anemometers are measured and the volume of air that is being analyzed.

For example, the anemometer DT- 8880 measures even very low air velocity , and its slim probe allows you to work with the narrow ventilation ducts . It combines a temperature sensor and a hot wire , which makes it possible to significantly speed up the measurement process and getting results . On a double liquid crystal display simultaneously displays speed and air temperature . Buy Anemometer DT- 8880 are available in any store with appropriate technology .

Instruments close to the anemometers are anemograph - with the help of these devices is a continuous automatic recording of wind speed and direction - this is referred to as anemogram . The data that gives anemograph , you can register and process by computer, as well as printed out the reported measurements. Anemograph can be equipped with additional modules , which displays the measured values ​​on the recorder . If you decide to buy an anemometer , then buying anemograph may be not out of place .

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