Vapor barrier tape for windows

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Vapor barrier tape for windows, as well as a nice finishing slopes and construction joints provide worthy characteristics of the window. To the window in your house functioned well for a long time and you should not miss this moment, as the installation of vapor barrier tape. Use a sealed tape for insulation assembly seam of vapor and moisture adjoining premises to prevent condensation on the exit slopes. If you have a kitchen, a room with a pool or bath, installing vapor barrier tape on the window you just need.

Tapes can be either one or two adhesive strips. Two adhesive strips are intended for fastening belt on one side to the window, and the other to a wall.

Just steam insulating tapes are classified according to weather periods:
for the summer with the air temperature from +5 ° C to +35 ° C;
for the winter period with temperatures below 0 ° C.
Tape width also varies depending on the needs, and enables reliable vapor barrier joints of various sizes. Choosing a vapor barrier tape, note that its width should be somewhere in the 45 mm wider than the assembly seam.

Tape for outdoor work consist of foam (for this work requires a well-sealing materials with plaster solution that will provide the desired vapor barrier outer layer).
Vapor barrier tape can be butyl rubber for sealing joints or inter panel for installation of door or window frames. During installation, it is primed, plastered and painted. This type of self-adhesive.

To protect against moisture assembly seam under dry finish slopes on the market there are metallized vapor barrier tape.

General information on installing the vapor barrier tape

Followed by general information on installing the vapor barrier tape on the window from the beginning of the construction works.

Initially, you need to prepare your opening: free of dirt, dust and other debris from the inner and outer surfaces of the opening and the frame. Frame is inserted into the opening and temporarily fixed.

After gently noted on the frame line for fixing vapor barrier tape.

After the calculations and marking out the window, remove the frame and sticking our internal vapor barrier tape. Paper strip that protects the inner adhesive layer, which is subsequently attached to the wall will not charge.

Typically, the vapor barrier tape on the attaching structure is made until foaming seam. Therefore, before you finish, moisturizing and filling foam can remove the protective paper strip with a vapor barrier tape. This will allow you not to lose the adhesive properties of the tape. If you’re flush-mounted at the top and on the sides of the tape shall be attached to the ends of the structure, and the bottom to the installation profile.

Vapor barrier tape for windows

External thermal insulation tapes are glued not before full cure will be made of foam.

Install vapor barrier tape under the sill can be made to last. When being installed vapor barrier tape under the plaster layer, then the tape should be the outer cover, and which will provide the necessary adhesion with the plaster layer.
In the event that a quarter of the window with gaps between the frame and the wall, use a different technique: the uneven seam can close flashing for windows, but it has to stick vapor sealing tape. Install vapor barrier tape on the box set with a continuous layer over the entire contour of the opening.
Do not forget that the use of finishing materials in conjunction with the vapor barrier tape is permitted only subject to the moisture-permeable characteristics.

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