What is a touch screen monitor for PC

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What is a touch screen monitor for PC – Specificity , the purpose and need for touch-screen monitor . Capacitive touch screens of modern technology . Positioning sensor monitors the computer market. The need for this type of device .

Not so long ago touchscreens perceived something exotic and basic sphere of their use is the service sector – hotels, restaurants, clubs . But there they were seen as something unusual.

However, all radically changed after the market launch of the operating system Windows 8. This operating system was originally created by Microsoft for ” fingers ” , implying a user experience that is common for smartphones, tablets and PCs. At the same time , if on tablets or smartphones sensory function is no surprise , then touch monitor computer industry is not yet a standard.

At the same time, some breakthroughs in this market are now. Previously engaged in the production of touch screens only ” well-known in narrow circles ” of the company , but today this segment creeps most prominent developers . Therefore, they are of a professional tool turned into a common user items .

Today it is difficult to imagine that once touch screens for PDAs or smartphones were overwhelmingly resistive and implied the use of a stylus. But with the advent of the iPhone is very fashionable capacitive screens are characterized by impressive brightness, as well as support for multitouch . Substantially all of the current touch screens are created in such a capacitive technology .

Should initially determine whether you need a touch-screen monitor in principle . You can safely go to the shop in order to experience it ” touch ” : this product is just created for him in order to touch . Submit it to your desktop.

What is a touch screen monitor for PC

It is important to understand that management using familiar keyboard and mouse nobody cancels . This monitor may be needed , for example, drawing or application testing . If you just use it more convenient , you can also start his choice.

On sale today are absolutely uncompromising models offering you not one touch control , but also popular today, 3D- image . Note that in our days touch screens have not positioned as a product designed for “all .”

According to optimistic forecasts, it will win no more than 15 % of the market . Because of this, manufacturers are not guided by “popular” segments , releasing devices with small diagonals . Today they are focused on customers who are willing to shell out money for technology.

A number of models are distinguished by their touch screens positioning. They are not so much as a home , but as a “mobile” monitor. Such a device does not have a stand , substitute is hinged rear leg . In addition, they have a small diagonal, and low weight.

At the same time, touch monitors today are in a fairly high-end segment , which necessitates serious technological ” meat ” in the form of USB- hubs , FullHD, HDMI, audio , and other advantages . In principle, apart such monitors differ only diagonal and the overall design .

If the price of such monitors you while you are not satisfied, there are two options: you can find the old model is a compromise in terms of image quality or patience until the pack , with the development of Windows 8 , touch monitors prices fall significantly .

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