Thermal insulation and waterproofing basements

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Thermal insulation and waterproofing basements – This information will be of interest to homeowners wanting to operation cellar. In the modern sense, these areas should not be associated with the dark, damp and musty atmosphere. Investing relatively little money and time in the insulation and waterproofing the basement, it is easy to turn into a dry, bright well-appointed rooms, which can accommodate exercise equipment, home workshop or billiard room. But in order to feel comfortable enough in the basement, you need to save it from moisture, to establish adequate ventilation and heating.

High water table or other compelling reasons forcing designers to abandon the construction of the basement, in favor of an extension or construction of a mansard roof. But if there is a basement, there is a reason to do his landscaping.

Struggling with the moisture in the basement

Let’s start with measuring the groundwater level. Remove the hydrostatic pressure and minimize wicking help annular drainage that, for more than 10 years, will take the moisture from the dirt foundation. Basement walls, foundation base is actually home to bringing in good technical condition, we thereby prolong the service life of the assembly.

The main threat to the environment for basement walls – this ground moisture. Technologies require improvement of external and internal waterproofing, and more benefits at the first option. Exterior waterproofing coating works on clamping and therefore is a self. External insulation is made in the process of laying foundation of the house. Usually used several waterproofing materials and technologies, the most preferred quality coatings and mastics.

Choose materials for hydro and thermal insulation

As obmazochnoy insulation used hot and cold bitumen-polymer mastic Okleechnaya waterproofing it roll coating such as flashing or evroruberoida. For warming requires moisture-resistant, strong and durable material with affordable cost. These requirements are fully corresponds polystyrene or rigid plates repellent basalt wool.

Run the surface finish of the foundation of the building is already exploited much more difficult because the work associated with recess large volume of soil. Therefore, as an option, homeowners are using less effective, but simple and inexpensive internal insulation.

Source basement dampness is often capillary moisture, this undesirable phenomenon can be eliminated penetrating waterproofing, which increases the density of the upper layer of the concrete base, to a depth of up to 30 cm Condensate on the border of cold and heat, longer appears after the wall insulation and temperature indicators alignment effective ventilation.

Internal waterproofing can, if desired, perform independently. Work is best done at the end of summer when the basement walls dry out enough. The cleaned from dirt and primed walls, apply one or two coats of waterproofing mastic.

Thermal insulation and waterproofing basements

If the insulation inside the foundation selected polystyrene panel material is attached to the walls with waterproof adhesive mounting, followed by sealing of joints. To lay the insulation of fiberglass or rock wool batten need improvement. External decorative and protective linings – standard or moisture resistant plasterboard panels.

Hopefully these tips will help you to choose the correct heater and perform quality heat and waterproofing the basement. This will significantly reduce the operating costs of maintaining a home and improve the comfort of living. The average temperature in dwellings increase by at least 2-3 ° C.

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