Thermal insulation of facades with mineral wool

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Thermal insulation of facades with mineral wool

If you plan to work on the insulation of the facade , watch the choice of materials , since it is the main element that determines the properties of the surface further . Insulation often conducted by a special technology using external insulation.

Most people opt for facade insulation mineral wool , as this material has a lot of advantages in comparison with other types of heaters .

Pluses facade insulation wool: a large number of low-cost high-quality insulation and vapor permeability of the outer insulation. Facade insulation is performed in different ways , but the most popular is the “wet” method . Advantages of this method:

– The installation on different surfaces ;

– low price ;

– a wide selection of colors and textures ;

– warming slopes;

– ease – works;

– further update the facade ;

– unlimited architectural solutions .

Insulation systems consist of three layers . Detailed discussion of each of them.
Laying insulation boards

Insulation boards are the basis of the entire system. Wool for insulation of facades made ​​of rocks that melt at temperatures greater than 1000 degrees, mixtures of sediment and various metallurgical slag .

The main property of mineral wool , which sets it apart from other thermal insulation materials – absolute flammability , high sound insulation and thermal insulation capacity , resistance to temperature , non-hygroscopicity , biological and chemical stability , ease of installation and environmental friendliness.

reinforcing layer

This layer provides high adhesion of protective and decorative layer to the surface of a heat insulator . To attach the mineral wool and the formation of the reinforcing layer adhesive composition is used , made ​​from dry mixes .

Reinforcing mesh for plaster – this kind of glass fabric to size of open cells . Its main feature – the reinforcement and protection of surfaces from cracking during the plastering work .

Thermal insulation of facades with mineral wool

decorative coating

The last layer – decorative . He gives the facade finished look and protects the system from the adverse weather conditions.

To align surfaces before painting done putty. Usually it is applied on the primer layer , as they themselves do not provide a reliable level of adhesion of the substrate and the overlying coating layers. Decorative plaster is then applied , the surface is painted or covered with other finishing materials .

For protective and decorative painting of facades using high quality organic dye . This is especially true vintage objects of brick and concrete , cement-lime and cement plasters ,  asbestos and other types of plates.

Properties of mineral wool

Fire protection . The main difference from the foam – wool does not burn , does not smoke , and only melts , it does not emit harmful toxic substances.

Durability. Facade of the house with insulation mineral wool , it will serve you from 30 to 60 years without losing the original characteristics . Foam in 10-20 years will have to be replaced.

Mineral wool do not eat rodents . Some consider it a trifle , but in practice it can be a big problem . Just imagine what your facade live mouse. Bad news , right?

Facades , insulated with mineral wool , breathable . Thanks to this house “breathes” . If this will not require ventilation for good air circulation . Otherwise, the insulation layer accumulates moisture and fungi multiply .

If we compare the facade insulation foam and mineral wool insulation , they are very similar. Materials are identical in value and method of application , which is why the choice depends entirely on your preferences. For more details on the cost of mineral wool is available here.

Pros rockwool undeniable , but it has some drawbacks . Conducted extensive research that affects whether insulating material on human and animal health . Scientists , environmentalists and doctors came to the unanimous conclusion that the carcinogenic substances that make up the mineral wool immeasurable harm to the human body . Therefore, the material is better used for external insulation .

Manufacturers of mineral wool give the buyer a guarantee that the harmful substances contained in the product are in a minimum amount . If you follow all the rules and operate in the correct mounting material , these substances do not pose any threat to human or pet-friendly . Such insulation material tested in Federal Service and other organizations responsible for production control.

If you decide to insulate the house with the help of mineral wool , watch the choice of the manufacturer . The facility should be kept constant quality control. Selecting proven company , you will minimize the health risk residents of the house .

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