The idea of the layout of the small bathrooms

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The problem of the shortage of available square meters in bathrooms and toilets were confronted as owners of modern apartments, in which you need to equip a guest bathroom, and owners of apartments in the old Fund, where the problem is small bathrooms always stood very sharply. Small bathroom โ€” it’s still not a sentence, and you have a chance to create a completely comfortable and attractive interior, where there will be a place for everything you need. Let’s look at a few basic techniques that you should know all owners of small apartments and bathrooms.

Design small bathrooms

It is no secret that light shades in the cold colors have the property visually expand the space that is absolutely true, and in the case of design small bathrooms. Of course, nobody calls you choose white tiles for walls, floor and ceiling, making place for relaxation and self-care in branch polyclinics. However, the idea to choose dark or too much contrast trim in a small room it is better to give up.

Remember that glossy and mirror surfaces also have a positive influence on the perception of small spaces that are especially useful in the decoration of bathrooms, where there is always room mirror and a bright, glossy tile.

Reminder: divided border double tiles, large patterns and prints, bright color contrasts โ€” not the best solution for any small spaces. This decor should be avoided.

Bathrooms designs small and simple ideas to exploit

Remember about the possibility to use different pictures and ornaments. For example, vertical stripes can make the ceiling seem higher, and horizontal visually enlarge the length and width of the smallest bathrooms.


Of course, the main thing in the bathroom environment is sanitary, diversity which now allows you to select the appropriate options for any budget and size. Take a look at the narrow and compact sinks, combined and versatile options, air shower with transparent glass walls and models with installation is not worth to limit your choices only standard range.

The idea of the layout of the small bathrooms

How to choose the right shower tray for small bathroom

In selecting plumbing for modest sizes of toilets there are a few basic rules:

When Piazza makes sense to choose a shower rather than a bath;
cheap without the drip tray and with thin walls takes less space than the finished plastic shower cubicle;
It makes sense to consider the shower cubicle with folding partitions, which almost didn’t take place until you use them;
use the angular furniture models and plumbing (sinks, baths, showers);
toilet with installation in the wall will take less space and will seem visually easier than the usual model;
Note the combined models (combined showers or baths with shells, etc.), since they are much smaller;
If you do decide to choose a bathtub, you should be aware of their diversity of models: angular asymmetric shapes, etc., maybe your bathroom need a non-standard Variant;
If you do not have enough space, install narrow vertical washing machine load, for two people to its size would be sufficient.

Zone storage and furniture

Remember that in small premises of any mess will be particularly noticeable, but sloppy which are all available and not very horizontal planes of jars and bottles, dead wood and create a feeling of narrowness. To avoid this, it is important to think through in advance the functional storage areas, maximum spreading them around the premises.

Reminder: lockers and shelves in the bathroom can be both closed and open. In the latter case, you can use decorative boxes and baskets, which will neatly stacked all the trivia.

To furniture in a small room doesn’t look bulky, try to maximize the use of hinged design without legs and bright, glossy surfaces, these decorative tricks make her look more light and weightless.

Small bathroom renovation Design Ideas

Insignificant, at first glance, little things can play a significant role in creating a comfortable atmosphere, where everything you need is at your fingertips. Use hanging corner shelves, Rails for towels directly under the sink, narrow lockers-packaging, decorative basket for dirty linen, portable counter top cabinets for sinks, etc.


Small size and lack of natural light sources make the task of designing the lighting in the bathroom especially responsible, because the lack of light and the presence of “dark corners” make any room close, and pressing and oppressive atmosphere.

The bathroom specialists recommend to use multiple lights: uniformly distributed around the perimeter of the built-in ceiling illumination and scatter illumination mirror or dressing table. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the lamps in the latter case should focus not on the mirror, in your face. Often there are compact and convenient variants of hinged shelves with glass front doors and built-in right in the mirror led lights.


For a large number of bright interior accessories in a small room just has no place, so try to be limited to a couple of accent pieces that will perform not only decorative, but also utilitarian function. It can be containers for shampoo and SOAP, bright, color, countertop faucet under the sink, decorated with colorful mosaics, etc.

Tip: a different kind of plastic bottles is not always adorn the Interior. It is better to purchase or make yourself attractive containers for liquid soap, toothbrushes, etc. in the same style.

For bath or shower it is better to choose a transparent glass or plastic panels or weightless blinds, leaving bright and large prints for other premises.

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