How to Succeed cleaning its windows

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How to Succeed cleaning its windowsWindow cleaning seem so simple and easy to achieve, there are still some basic rules to follow and ensure optimum efficiency of the task. Recommendations are also made ​​here about including some good tips on how to make savings in the products used. These can actually make at home , two or three solutions for dilution. Some stains require special treatment, as is the case of grease or candle. Note that the window cleaning remains a very delicate operation, because this matter is so sensitive that the slightest mistake can be visible, just as there are actions that will make it shine with great splendor . That is why we mention some details that need special attention during this work .

The windows of your house , like those doors, deserve to be completely transparent and shiny clean. No spot of dirt or traces of cleaning should not degrade the aesthetics of the part that is undoubtedly complement your decor . The work seemed so simple becomes much more difficult , because all actions must lead to the total clean without a trace of passage of cloth or any other cleaning tool. Carefully followed, the instructions listed here will help make your windows sparkling guarantee image quality .

Clean your windows, prepare and put

A successful window cleaning requires good preparation, start by assembling the tools you’ll need. Depending on the number and size of windows to wash, you will need several dry and clean rags. You must also provide two or three dry sponges , not to mention the squeegee to glass that can not be separated as cleaning. The cleaning varies according to the choices. Indeed, you have a choice between a special product glass or homemade solution , we give some recipes on this page . Generally, you ‘ll need a bit of newsprint for the final work key.

We now begin the real window cleaning , starting with a good dusting with a dry cloth well . It must then soak a sponge in the solution of your choice and spend on each window cleaning , starting from the top down. For those whose product washing is in a spray bottle , we must first spray on glass before wiping with a sponge, always starting from the top down. A dry cloth used to dry the windows by a vigorous rubbing. But before the glass dries completely , place the squeegee at the top of the window and move it down a column , and repeat the process until the entire surface has been placed. Now you pass another dry cloth to really dry before rubbing with newspaper to make it shine.

Various Tips for cleaning its windows

The main tricks to succeed in this operation lies in particular in the preparation of solutions to begin cleaning. Indeed, instead of liquid for windows which cost slightly expensive, you can choose from a number of alternatives. A glass of liquid dish soap diluted in a bucket of warm water give brilliant results . You can also opt for a few tablespoons of ammonia to pour in a quart of warm water and put in a spray bottle. Mixing water and alcohol to burn equal amount is another effective tip , unless you prefer to take a piece of newspaper and soak it in rubbing alcohol . A drink vinegar can also be poured into a bucket of almost boiling water.

Some stains on your windows require special treatment. So if you see a grease left on your windows , take half an onion that you rub gently until it remains nothing more, and clean up afterwards. For traces candle , use a wooden spatula to remove them gently before starting the wash. The painting hand if you use products for cleaning domestic ovens unless you have white spirit nearby. Finally, to address the frost could settle during the winter , wash your windows with water containing windshield washer at -40 ° C , a product for washing car windows .

The details that make the difference

First, we must pay attention to the temperature of the water to clean his windows. As it is not indicated , it takes tepid water. Cold water is simply against -indicated because the result would be lamentable . As against , the hot water evaporates too quickly should only certain products . For the same reason , avoid undertaking cleaning glass on a sunny day because the water will dry too quickly and you will not have time to remove any remaining stains.

Gestures during cleaning of particular importance in the success of this work. Must first know that the windows clean starting with the inner part. Then , all through from top to bottom to ensure that products flow and leave streaks on the glass . Finally, note that to complete , it must pass the dry cloth or newspaper horizontally on one side and vertical on the other. This helps to quickly locate the side where there is still a stain.

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