What if strongly heated laptop?

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What if strongly heated laptop – Why laptop is overheating ? Factors influencing its heating . Control of temperature and other recommendations to prevent heating of the laptop. Check and clean the ventilation system.

Many new users supplied to wonder why their laptop gets very hot ? The answer to this is obvious – because the processor and other components of the device emit a lot of heat. As a rule , the heat must be removed by a system of cooling the laptop.

But in the summer heat , besides when dust clogged radiator laptop actually operated in extreme conditions. This leads to overheating, freeze , break some modules and components of the laptop.

How to prevent excess heat laptop? Fully cope with it only timely prevention of the entire cooling system unit. For this important and correct operation , recommendations which are given below :

1. Keep in mind that the air intakes are usually located in the bottom of the notebook . If you set it on a soft surface , where it will simply ” sink ” that thereby override the air supply to the cooling system. Recommended to install laptop on a hard , flat surface .

2 . Not reassuring yourself that you are using the notebook mainly in the clean room . Anyway , its cooling system still needs to be prevention . It is recommended to thoroughly clean the cooling system device at least twice a year. As practice shows, surface cleaning radiator little productive, we need to conduct a purge fan fins and air flow from the vacuum cleaner .

3 . Should monitor the CPU temperature using special software or standard utilities . Also important to be able to respond to the increasing temperature.

What if strongly heated laptop?

4 . Being confident in their own abilities and technical skills , you can make cleaning the cooling system yourself. Prophylactic procedure typically involves the complete disassembly of the laptop for a complete cleaning . Therefore it is recommended to enlist the support of qualified professionals from the service center .

5 . For efficient heat recovery from the graphics card and CPU need to perform the change of thermal paste applied to their surface. In operation, the device is able to dry out the old thermal grease that turns the loss of its properties. Perform replacement of thermal paste in the service center , it is necessary to dismantle the pre- cooling system.

All time monitor the temperature own laptop when it crosses over 60-70 ° C , you need to contact the service center if you can not afford to independently verify and clean dirt and dust from your ” laptop .” Besides specialist can replace cooler cooling system if it breaks .

Never disassemble the laptop , even if not under warranty . This is true even intermediate users . Any service center in such a case may deny you warranty maintenance, if they see a violation of seals or signs of opening the device.

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