sound insulation device in apartment

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Sound insulation in the apartment

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Tips and advice on sound insulation device in apartment

Noise isolation apartment – basic principles and design solutions .

Basic principles of sound insulation.

Soundproofing the floor.
Soundproofing walls.
Soundproofing ceiling.
The most important thing about sound and noise isolation apartment.

At a time when widespread home theater system , the question of the organization of additional sound and noise isolation apartment has acquired a special relevance. Such measures aimed at preventing the spread of noise outside the room or, alternatively, it can penetrate from the outside, are quite significant amount of work and can not be only a half-measure – they should always produce comprehensively.

Note that here we are talking about additional sound insulation measures which help to keep the room from penetrating sound of more than required by applicable sanitary and building regulations , such as when the device listening room . However, it should be remembered that the work on the redesign and reconstruction of the apartment in any case shall not impair the performance of the premises – in this case sound insulation performance of structural elements and architectural and technical solutions. Thus, to reduce the impact of noise , you may need to make the device work on a “floating” ties with acoustic panels . Thus you have made alterations to meet binding building codes , and the owner is located below the apartments will have no grounds to demand to give the results of redevelopment in accordance with these regulations.

Basic principles of sound insulation.

During the repair work on the apartments are sound insulation produced directly on the surface of walls, ceiling and floor. It should be understood that effective noise reduction ( only applicable and justified in terms of investment ) invariably leads to a reduction in usable floor space and ceiling height : the walls – at least 6 cm on each side, to the height of ceilings – 15-20 cm And if you want to sound insulation device in an apartment , you will in any case have to put up with this ” lack” of usable space . In addition , you should pay attention to the fact that such work must be carried out with great care and understanding of the laws of acoustics, and not just fixed to the wall surface acoustic insulation .

Taken to distinguish between two basic types of noise – structural ( structural and percussion ) and air . The first is the result of mechanical stress on the overlap and protecting the surface , and the latter – as a result of vibration of air masses caused by exposure to the source.

sound insulation device in apartment

Soundproofing the floor.

For sound insulation on the floor in most cases the method the device floating screed. Its essence is to ensure that (1) the perimeter of the room is laid on the surface of the wall damping tape (and eliminates acoustic bridges between the floor and walls, contributing to the spread of sound from one plane to another) , and (2 ) the surface of the sub-floor was covered with slabs mineral wool . They are closed with plastic wrap , and then applied to the prepared surface of the concrete solution for the actual device screed. In order to strengthen its ties thickness reinforced with wire mesh ( mesh size of 5 x 5 cm and a thickness of 4 mm rod ) . Note the presence of damping tape on the perimeter walls. This is one of the basic conditions of the proper organization of the integrated noise isolation room. If this tape is installed, the surface of the walls and floor will be corresponded percussive sound .

Soundproofing walls.

To isolate the sound on the surface of the wall method is used , implying the device framing sheathing on equidistance from the right structural elements of the structure or premises and subject to the acoustic isolation of the frame from the surface of the walls, floor and ceiling. Such a process requires a significant effort in the work by the contractor , because such structures do not come into contact with the surfaces in the room. There are many manufacturers offering these designs , as well as anti-vibration mounting elements for them. Here we describe only the principle of operation of such a device as an example of sound insulation timber frame crates . For a device like the frame to the floor at a distance of 1-2 cm from the surface of the rough wall through a damping tape is attached a wooden beam .

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