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Sliding door mechanism – What is sliding doors and what they do ? Doors are divided into three types of opening: sliding, folding and swing . They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own mechanism of work. In this article we consider the mechanism of the sliding doors , and what it is .

Swing doors are classic and are in every home, they hung on hinges and open itself or from itself. Folding doors prefer the original people who love exotic . A disadvantage of such doors is that they do not protect against noise . Sliding door mechanism is most convenient , because when you open they do not take up much space in the apartment.

Sliding doors consist of a set of elements that included :

Door leaf

Consists of several paintings. The web may be of composite materials : cheap wood, OSB , canvas made ​​of solid wood , wood and glass, glass sheet with aluminum edging .


The door frame is manufactured from a single piece of wood and attached to the doorway transoms . Also included is the trims ( trims ) .


Without this set to open and close the sliding door will not work. The kit includes: rails , rollers, stopper and stops .

Stopper and stopper locks the door and does not let her go too far. The stopper is mounted on the top wall , a floor stop .

Sliding door mechanism

If you want to install sliding doors with their hands, then you will be useful to know that the mechanism of sliding doors requires attention to the weight doors . If your door weighing up to 75 kg . will suffice if the two rollers and for the door 120 kg . need 4 video. Mechanism should not buy on their own, if there is little you understand this , ask someone for help , which is sure to help you.


Sliding doors – it handles . Be careful: the handles that are attached to the swing doors are not suitable here . Unlike these pens that handles for sliding doors do not stick out beyond the edge of the door leaf and freely enter and leave the wall.


If you want your entrance door to the wall, then you need to use a metal frame cassette . To install the chassis , you will need to destroy part of the wall , install drywall tape and sew .

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