Sliding door with his hands

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Useful tips and information on construction and repair sliding door with his own hands

Sliding door with his hands

Modern methods of the device interior doors are becoming increasingly popular. Sliding doors require additional costs for installation , but it can save space and to give a special style interior.

Sliding doors : Good or Bad

Sliding interior doors

The main advantage of the sliding interior doors : they do not require much space. Sliding interior doors are particularly useful in small spaces , and they are good for the living room , and pantry. In contrast to conventional doors, sliding doors easier to use , more practical , they are safe and durable if made ​​of quality materials, the ability to conveniently adjust the height.

Sliding door with his hands

Non-standard version of the device interior doors is becoming more popular. Sliding interior doors require additional installation costs , but it will save space and brings a special style to the interior .

Sliding doors : pros and cons

Sliding interior doors

The main advantage – they do not need much space. Sliding doors are particularly useful in small spaces , they are suitable for the living room , and pantry. In contrast to conventional swing , sliding doors easier to use , more practical , they are safe and durable if made ​​of quality materials , it is possible a comfortable height adjustment . The sliding door may have a dual purpose , for example, be on the one hand the door, and the other – rising mirror.

However, the sliding design does not have good sound insulation. Compared with the usual options , the installation of these doors is more time-consuming . Another comparative ” minus ” – the price of the sliding interior doors is an order of swing .

Sliding door with his hands

Design of sliding doors

Depending on the width of the door opening comprise one or more webs .

Sliding – door coupe

Sliding doors can either travel along the guide walls or slide inside – while the wall surface adjacent to the opening , is used more efficiently . The latter option will require major installation work , especially if the door consists of two paintings that go back into the opposite side of the opening .
The sliding door is moved by a special rail that is attached to the wall or ceiling above the door opening . Sliding door coupe moves on two rails – ceiling and floor . Such systems are used in cabinets with sliding doors.

-Threshold design door ” suspended ” on the one guide . This type of construction is not practical, at least – no bottom rail does not preclude the laying of floor coverings .

Sliding doors can be installed in any doorway , which is inserted into a box of solid pieces of wood, except for the arch .

Door – “accordion”

The most simple construction ” screen .” Folding door consists of two or more wings , with bivalve often referred to as ” book ” , and having a greater number of folds – “accordion” . ” Book” is more convenient to use than the “accordion ” because of its guide rails moves only one movie. When the protrusion of the door leaf outside of the opening is not acceptable , the best would be the use of sliding doors – “bunching ” .

Automatic sliding doors

They operate on the basis of the infrared radiation at two fixing flaps which spread apart in opposite directions. So sliding doors to free space and the installation will require a wide doorway.
Automatic doors or purchased kit or the ready-made sliding doors with their hands sets up a special drive . Brackets allow the drive to fix it on most of the existing mechanisms . Some drives have variable speed valves. To lock the sliding door is additionally installed electromechanical or electromagnetic locking latch .

Installation of sliding doors

Sliding doors in the interior

To install the assembly does not require alignment of the floor or walls. Application of a possible on all types of doors , of a thickness exceeding 25 mm and weighing up to 50 kg. With a weight of 75 kg or more, a mechanism with four rollers. If the doors have a small weight, it suffices to two .
Sliding type doors can be mounted on a wall or her. If the design involves the destruction of the wall , it is better to set the tape. This is a metal frame that is mounted on the wall for easy operation and increases the resistance of the whole structure. Niche of the appropriate size ready for pre- stage repair. After mounting a break with the tape and the guide is sutured plasterboard .
Leaf width should be about 5 cm more than the doorway. Otherwise, the gap between the wall and the sliding door will be considerable.

Buy sliding interior door

The installation kit includes : door leaf , box , rails, and the mechanism by which the sliding door to be able to move on rails , handles and other accessories sliding doors . Please note that they are different from the set of swing doors. So , pen sliding interior doors must not extend beyond the edge fabric. Do not forget the stopper and the stopper. The limiter is attached to the floor, and the stopper – the wall on, these elements define the boundaries move the door.

Sliding glass doors kit also includes a carriage with rollers , top and bottom rails . The carriage mechanism is made of wear-resistant polymer material , bearing – of solid aluminum alloy. The cost of interior wooden or glass sliding door price is determined by the leaf, box , gear and decorative moldings , architraves .

At home improvement stores you can find a variety of mechanisms for sliding doors. Typically , they are sold together with the set of guides of different lengths. The best option is not difficult. Installation diagram with all the necessary dimensions are usually attached. There are two types – recessed and wall . Built- in mechanisms for hiding the body of the sliding door and in the operation is not visible. But the installation will require slotting , which in turn implies the use of router , or at least a chisel .

Clamp- type mechanisms will be swept up in the operation , but the installation easier. It is justified for sliding doors, do not hold a prominent place in the house. As the canvas , you can use an ordinary door or panel laminated chipboard. The installation will take a little time.

The second option is simpler but also more expensive . Measure the dimensions of the door opening , increment of 5-7 cm across and 10-15 cm vertically. These sizes refer to the furniture company with a request to make a sliding door wardrobes. Do not forget to specify that there will be only one door to the rail was one of the guide .

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