How to save printer ink ?

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How to save printer ink ? – Your printer can scream that is out of ink when in fact it has a lot to give you. And nobody likes to pay for expensive printing supplies , so let’s look at ways to reduce their consumption and save printer ink .

You really need to buy expensive brand of ink for your inkjet printer ? Third party and remanufactured cartridges often yield more copies than their counterparts in brand new , but not always deliver the same quality and fade resistance . So while you will definitely save some money, you can not be as happy with the results . Worth some tests before deciding for a specific generic brand .

However , if you print mostly text , there is no reason not to choose the cheap stuff . This is true for laser printers too. You can also choose only for refilling the cartridges , without fear that the impression lose quality.

Use the sleep mode of your printer, after all, not all pages need to be printed on the same quality , right? If you are just setting in motion a project of, say , a work presentation or business , why not use sleep mode ? True to its name , this setting uses less ink , resulting in a lighter ink outlet , but still readable.

Before printing , open the printer settings preferences inside the print program. Look for a setting called draft mode , economy , Toner Save , or similar. In some inkjet printers , the quality setting of ” Fast ” / ” Fast” is equivalent to saving mode . If you can live with the results , consider using the default setting only for documents that really need high quality.

To save the leaves , print two sheets on each page and / or use sheets for draft prints. Most programs accept printing use the same sheet for printing two pages . You can reduce the pages so they fit on one page only in booklet format . Programs like Word and Adobe Reader give you this right of option in the Print menu. In programs that no option , you can venture into the properties menu for the selected printer and check the ” Page Layout ” or ” scale ” option. Obviously this will not be practical for all your printing needs , but will save you ink and paper .

How to save printer ink ?

Using digital formats also results in savings . The best way to save paper and ink is to ignore it completely . Whenever possible , ” print ” your documents into PDF files you can store on your PC or email . Obviously you need a paper copy , sometimes , but before you click Print , ask yourself if you or the final recipient of the document can live with electronic text .

A laser printer also results in big savings , especially if you do not use very often , you could save a lot of money i , opting for a laser printer low cost to do routine work and use services online photo printing when you want images that you can play or hang on the wall . Although laser printers still cost more than inkjet , the cheapest cost per page compared to toner can pay the difference over time , depending on your printing habits .

In today’s times , the trend is increasingly dependent people of digital media for the propagation media . Therefore, we recommend that you get used to digital readers and mobile applications , which will be a great savings for your pocket to scan your files and also resulted in a habit that is environmentally friendly .

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