roof materials calculator

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roof materials calculator

If you already have drawings of the house, with the help of our online calculator to calculate the amount of material needed for your roof or facade . To do this you will need the data to the size of your home. To follow the steps of counting .

However, it should be remembered that in the case of a complex architectural – solutions for your project to get accurate results requires an individual approach to the calculation procedure of materials , which is not possible in the online calculator.

Horse – a roof top horizontal edge formed by the intersection of the two roof slopes . For additional protection from precipitation and increased the aesthetic effect is set ridged element .

Butt – lateral roof slope. At this point, the roof is subjected to significant wind loads . To protect the edges of the roof material from wind and moisture from the roof space at the ends are attached end or wind braces .

Metal - ideal roofing material

Cornice – the lower part of the roof overhanging the building . Performs the functions of protecting the surface of the wall from rain water. At the same roofing material in these places himself in need of extra protection from the weather. For this purpose, there is established cornice strip .

Valley  – inner , concave angle formed by two slopes of the roof. One of the most vulnerable pitched roof . Requires special attention during installation : installation of additional waterproofing and special additional elements – valleys .

Junction – a joint portion of the roof with a wall or chimney. As well as the valley requires extra waterproofing and appropriate additional elements – adjacencies.

Ventilation elements ( aerators , air skates ) – the function of ventilation of roof space , preventing the formation of condensate and the appearance of rotting in ” roofing pie .” Are required to be installed on all types of bituminous ( soft ) roofs.

Fasteners ( screws, glue, clamps , etc.) – is whereby roofing material and additional elements are attached to the base. When installing metal roofing screws are used with a gasket made ​​of special weather- rubber. Color heads of screws matched the color of the roof covering . When installing the shingles are used galvanized nails with a wide hat and asphalt mastic .

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