Rockwool best types of thermal insulation

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Rockwool best types of thermal insulation

Produces fiber rock wool of volcanic rock natural where it is melted at a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius and is spun by machines especially for conversion to fiber is characterized by flexibility and degree of fusion of high and are grouped fiber production lines private and formed for different types of rock wool , namely:
Envelopes pipe
Wool bulk

And these species are produced varying dimensions and densities .

Rock wool used with high efficiency in the application of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation and prevent the spread of fire which provides all of these advantages at the same time so as to distinguish it by a factor of a very low thermal conductivity and high for its ability to absorb sound waves falling on them .

Low thermal conductivity .

The air indwelling of the most material unarmed heat where contains board , rock wool density medium amounted to 25,000 miles of capillaries , these filaments to form a very large number of gaps air trapped between them and which in turn hinder the heat transfer through strongly giving a product with a thermal conductivity is low.

Sound insulation effectively.

When installing rock wool inside the walls it works to reduce the rate of audio signing over to the adjacent side cutter has been tested several gypsum breakers inside rock wool in accordance with ASTM E90 showed rank very low voice transmission -STC.

Sound absorption coefficient is high.

Rock wool that features an open celled , which can absorb most of the sound waves Fallen him, has been tested and sound absorption for several types of rock wool in accordance with the ASTM C423 specification , where the results showed sound absorption coefficient is very high.

Non- combustible .

Featuring rock wool filaments are free of organic material making it keeps the weight when exposed to fire has been tested rock wool materials approved for use by ships and proved that material non-combustible .

Not to absorb moisture and water.

Moisture negative effect on the thermal conductivity of insulation materials are bristles rock wool non-absorbent of water are also addressing capillaries materials especially for increasing the effectiveness of its resistance to moisture has been tested this feature put the product in the conditions of humidity is very high for four days and found that it does not tend to absorb moisture strictly prohibited.

Rockwool features .

Is not affected by the passage of time .

Where that rock wool is composed of natural bristles chemically stable and thus the performance in thermal and acoustic insulation does not change as a result of the province of the product on its natural properties .

Is harmful to health .

Featuring rock wool bristles non- usability of inhalation and the absence of vehicles Asbestos and thus Ranked within the range of material non- carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC ) .

Not harmful to the environment .

Not caused by a manufacturing process Rockwool any industrial waste harmful to the environment .

Inert biocompatible.

Rockwool inorganic material and inert vital because it is made of volcanic rock and , therefore , is the center categorically inappropriate for the growth of fungi and bacteria and rodents have been tested according to American standards .

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