Reverse osmosis system for water purification

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Reverse osmosis system for water purification – The quality of tap water today is at a low level. Therefore, people are consuming water to quench your thirst or for cooking use its purified version. Almost every store you can buy drinking water. But first, in our time can not be trusted bright labels. Sometimes the water that sold in the store, can be poured into the nearest basement. Secondly, the daily purchase of such water is an extra expenditure of the family budget. In order to save money, it is best to purchase a home water purification system. Today I will talk about the water purification system, which is based on the principle of reverse osmosis. How to Install a Water Filter.

The principle of reverse osmosis was opened in the 60s of the last century. This principle is based not only in the treatment systems, but also for seawater desalination and other technologies. To date, reverse osmosis is the most advanced water purification technology. Basis of reverse osmosis is a semipermeable membrane, which can purify water from almost any known contamination. plumbing repairs do yourself.

Reverse osmosis system for water purification

Home reverse osmosis installation is connected to the tap water. Passing through the filters of such a system, the water is cleaned of impurities and contaminants that are removed from it, is discharged into the sewer. When using a reverse osmosis water passes through several purification steps. In the first stage pipe water passes pretreatment. Then it passes through the reverse osmosis membrane. Pretreatment and the reverse osmosis membrane can remove from water to 99% impurities. After that, the purified water enters the storage tank, where the finish cleaning. How to protect a modern sanitary ware from variations in water pressure.

Reverse osmosis system for water purification

Filter life pretreatment and reverse osmosis membranes depend on the quality of incoming water from the aqueduct. These parts of the installation for the purification of water are able to remove it from rust, sand and other impurities up to 0.5 microns. Individual water types of wells.

For treatment of chemical and organic impurities (chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful compounds for the human body) in the home reverse osmosis systems use a carbon filter. Turbidity Meters what is Turbidity.

in their water purification systems uses Duplex. Such a system is not only able to clean the water of impurities, but also soften it. The site of this company you can buy not only a reverse osmosis system to purify tap water, but filters and highly specialized purpose. For example, filter for shower, washing machine, etc. Ensuring the safety of children in the home environment.

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