Replacing the battery on a MacBook Pro

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Replacing the battery on a MacBook Pro – If your MacBook became ill keep charge, charged very slowly or not at all see the battery , then it is time to replace the battery in the MacBook.

The main reason it is elemental damage wear. Most often, the battery lasts for one to two years . Over time you will notice that when you turn off the laptop from the network charge is enough for smaller and smaller number of minutes when it starts to be uncomfortable , contact the service center to replace the battery. It should be noted that sometimes the battery is quickly depleted , not because its resources have been exhausted , but because the user starts demanding notebook applications. In any case, the exact cause of rapid discharge of MacBook can only tell you the expert.

If you are faced with a situation where the laptop does not “see ” the battery or turn off as soon as you pull out the power cable , the problem may be :

1) Faulty battery macbook. It could be damaged by mechanical impact . If the problem is in the battery, when you install the battery in the MacBook intact it should work fine .

2 ) Lack of communication between the portable computer and the battery. The battery may simply not connected . Could also be oxidized contacts, for example, if a laptop spill liquid . They must be carefully cleaned.

3) Damage to the motherboard. In the fall , impact , penetration of moisture laptop may appear micro cracks break off track or other injuries happen . It could also be the reason that no longer see the MacBook battery.

Replacing the battery on a MacBook Pro

4) Often you can see the battery swollen , or all on one side , in this case, you must immediately remove the battery of laptop considering it can rupture and damage the battery laptop.

Fault diagnosis experts can after diagnosis. At best, it will be enough just to change the battery. Note that the best option would be to install an original spare part – only in this way will ensure the smooth functioning of the laptop in the future.

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