How to repair plastic doors

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In the modern world, plastic door can be found everywhere and it is not without reason. These types of doors are distinguished by their durability, reliability and durability. They can be applied, both in private homes and cottages, and for the construction of public spaces, the exits on the loggia and balcony entrances in the greenhouse, workshop etc. However, despite its high quality and durability, plastic door now and then fail and then you need to contact the company with warranty service data door. What to do if a company in your locality no and wait for the wizard to day, and even more? And the cost of the plastic door, if you have to change, may surprise. Don’t worry, some problems which, we note, often arise with plastic doors, you can fix by yourself, and this article tells how to repair plastic doors with your hands without the wizard.

So, how to repair a plastic door yourself.

Prepare a Phillips screwdriver and hex key.

As a rule, faults plastic doors today can be divided into two types.
1. Breakage, which is associated with the natural aging of elements of plastic doors or wear and tear.
2. Damage which may arise as a result of incorrect operation of the door. With this know that, not having certain professional skills, the best in this case to call a specialist yourself, you can remove only some minor breakage.

The collapse of the main PVC doors featured a major hardware error-handling. However, this failure may be different. If for some reason just cracked handle, the substitution problems arise. Get the new door handle for PVC doors, turn on the decorative panel door 90 degree list and two screws underneath. When screwed screws off, carefully remove the handle of the door and insert a new link only in all the right places nails.

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Sometimes people can observe and such breakage when door is not returned to its original position and never closes. This can happen in mind that at the moment when the doors open, someone returns a handle and broken. Back door in normal condition and you can do it very easily. Search on the ends of his little metal handle latch, which stands at a certain angle. On this tab you need to little push with your finger, and then the handle to rotate in the correct direction and put in the proper position.

If the problem is repeated now and then, the reason may be hiding in door temperature deformation. In such cases, the tongue slips past response mechanism and does not apply to him. This error can also be. Locate the appropriate panel, take the screwdriver and unscrew it. A small Panel under the lining thickness-3.2 mm. Tighten everything back as it was, check out this mechanism.

Sometimes there is a situation when dealing with the rotate handle only with pressure on her. The first reason is dried up grease. To correct this defect, you must buy a car famous, lubrication materials which name WD-40. When purchased, it should be placed on the tube and handle increased training for all your items to Deri. If the bovidinet function error is still there, maybe it slipped the door a second reason for this failure. To resolve this problem, you must perform the following steps. Remove door hinge CAP and using a hexagonal key, adjust the position of the door. Hexagonal front key is inserted in the lower loop and then gently counterclockwise. These steps allow a few millimeters lift door.

You can see the picture, when the door closed plastic blowing winds in winter and cold, perhaps this is due to the fact that next door seal loose. You can correct this situation, in this case. To do this, locate the elements section, which has been a pit under the hexagon key. Insert again your and try to crank, first in one direction, if the defect did not disappear in another. If you locate your plastic doors movable item is made in the form of the cylinder, that risk and configure. Remember, the risk more than the ring, will be less pressed against the door, as soon as the danger, however, and pressure, respectively, against section stronger. Here it is important for owners of plastic doors know a simple rule: during the summer, you should weaken in the winter period, by contrast, is growing stronger.

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