Repair of musical centers home theater systems and players

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Repair of musical centers home theater systems and players
Why does not the home theater , stereo, player? Refusal – is a relatively common occurrence and causes of this can be very different , which in some cases can be determined by complex diagnostics , but there are also common . Try to understand why there are various problems .

Most frequent breakdowns technology

1. Disk crashes or does not load on the first try . The reason could be the engine . Most likely, it does not provide a constant rotation speed of the CD , provoking these jerks or deceleration. In this case, the chain is as follows: the processor instructs the driver which , in turn, monitors the speed of rotation. If the engine is worn out , the chain is broken. Path repairs stereo, DVD player , home theater in including this one: you need to replace the spindle motor together with a table ;

2 . Problems with loading . unloading of the disc , the disc does not spin at all, there is no positioning of the laser reader . ” Culprit ” may be the driver. And if he’s really hot , that’s for sure indicator of the problem. Typically, the driver IC has a planar body , so the conventional soldering iron disassembly / assembly is quite difficult to make , there will need a soldering iron with some Hot Air nozzles ;

3 . Not working laser reader . Most likely , the reason – contamination or aging of the optical elements of the laser diode. It is worth noting , the life of the laser, the declared equipment manufacturers , is 3-5 years. The decision to limit the optical system cleaning or replacement of the diode ;

4 . The disc rattles . Rather, there is a mechanical failure ;

5 . The fault of the processor. Define it “by eye ” is difficult . To repair the system in such a case is not considered appropriate , as the costs can not justify itself ;

6. End of the working life of parts.

Fairly common “disease” home theater – sound problems that ripit is interrupted , there is only the front speakers or do not go.

Repair players, home theater , music centers

The experience of experts in the field of repair of DVD players , audio equipment and home theater systems shows that the root cause lies in the low-cost technology. Its quality is generally poor, it is much less firm , and breaks down frequently. Affects poor assembly and the low quality of all components , with the result – a number of unexpected breakdowns. For example, as a result of a power surge imperfect mechanism instantly burns .

Repair of musical centers home theater systems and players

At the heart of the listed equipment is laser optics . It requires regular cleaning and special care. Complex and costly repairs to avoid prevention, which masters recommend to do one every six months.

A few more factors , which lead to the master appeal :

careless use and / or breach of duty ;
listening / viewing of low-quality CD- ROM drive;
workmanship ;
Unauthorized disassembly of the equipment , for example, for the purpose of cleaning.

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