Renovated kitchen and manufacturing of kitchen furniture

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Renovated kitchen and manufacturing of kitchen furniture
Often, the home repair have to rely only on their own. The owners of this small kitchen pass themselves developed the original renovation project and its brilliantly realized .

A small kitchen area of ​​a few square meters is located in the pass-through space between two other rooms . After installing the “warm floor ” heating boring topic was forgotten , and the fore fascinating idea of ​​developing an exclusive kitchen furniture that can fit into a tiny space . As a building material used only solid wood.

The shape of the new furniture was supposed to resemble a kitchen cabinet times of our grandmothers with lots of drawers in the lower cabinets. According to the author’s intent , all doors and covers drawers built into cabinets without closing the border. And no caps , just furniture legs to make it convenient to keep the floor clean and can be approached closely to furniture .

Kitchen hands a real alternative to ready-made furniture

Kitchen interior design – the game is on the contrast

Owners dreamed to play on the contrast , color highlighting the basic elements of design with a stain or glaze. But in the end decided to use two different types of wood : walnut , as a darker component and maple for the front panel and the upper cabinets .

In developing the preliminary draft carefully calibrate the size of embedded structures made of laminated sheets of massive thickness 2.7 cm, however, those who master furniture with his own hands , not always available in a choice of sizes. Integrated appliances , and hardware are often asked by certain dimensions , but you can always do something original .

Solid wood – ideal material for kitchen furniture

Solid wood – ideal for experienced artists. Unlike other wood furniture panels of the array is maintained solid load , retain their shape perfectly kept mounting, do not tear or break during drilling .

When assembling furniture were used wooden dowels and glue, and in some places – flat plugs which require special router . Prefabricated twice ( with an interval of 12 hours), treated with solid oiled wax. After that, the surface again covered with oil repellent , which highlights the natural beauty of the wood .

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