Problems and Solutions printers hp

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Problems and Solutions printers hp printer problems and how to fix it how to deal with the problems of explanation for printers printer types and methods of maintenance of the printer does not print what is the solution

The first problem:

Although the printer is connected to electricity, but they do not make any sound or lighting show it works?


* Make sure that the electrical cable is installed well between the electrical outlet and the entrance to the printer.
* Make sure the electricity needed to run the printer either 110 volts or 220 volts.
If the printer is the first of the kind Adaptor should be used before the operation so as not to damage
However, if the damage has already happened in front of you just need to be sent to the maintenance center.

The second problem:

Sent to the printer is printing, but did not respond
The data bulb does not light up all printers equipped with a mostly green light is given in the case of printing flash light is called data.


Install the printer definition facility with the computer and make sure you install the data cable tightly between your computer and the printer or her to change that was damaged.

The third problem:

Printer does not print the desired file and is instead print a blank sheet, but some labels at the top of the paper in the form of stars or symbols have no meaning, or the full paper or several letters letters of a very large size?


This problem can be solved in several ways:
The printer software does not match her ​​or happened by the damage and this summon install as we’ve made previously.

May be the data cable is damaged, you need to change.
Shut down the computer and the printer turned on promising restart.
Some brands of printers do not work with old kinds of new lines must therefore choose other lines if this problem occurs with an old printer.
Do not close the printer and re-run during printing.
There is no damage in the file to be printed so try to print another file to make sure the problem recurs.

Problems and Solutions printers hp

The fourth problem:

And a thick white line from the top to the bottom of the paper?


This problem occurs at the end of the consumption of toner tray in laser printing, so you should shake the box and return it to the second printer.
Note advises buying a new ink tray will not be long age old caddy after shaking.


Fifth problem:

Despite the presence of a large amount of paper in a feeding place, but the printer is given a sign of the lack of paper, such as load a3 or load a4 or Macbh, the so?


Select the paper size required to prepare the page file page setup in the writing program, from the File menu and this is often in all computer programs or by setting the paper size of the print driver himself and find it in the setting menu, as well as trying to make sure that the inclusion of paper attached to the printer well prepared for the type of paper required.


This problem usually occurs in the printer, which is used by more than one drawer for paper any printers that use nutrition horizontal in the paper, and that occurred in printers with nutrition vertical (which is fed to the paper where one of the highest), such as HP1100 – HP6L – HP5L – and some types of canon similar – must first separate the printer from electricity and start again or add paper to a feeding place and that this does not end the problem, send them to the maintenance center.

Sixth problem:

Congestion occurs frequently JAM during printing?


This may happen often congestion of three reasons …
Toner tray Event defect such as broken gear or anything else.
(B) the type of paper is not as good as having Glues on the edges of the paper impede the process of withdrawal or the presence of moisture in the paper as a result of poor storage or it’s not good storytelling, or the presence of manufacturer defects in the paper itself, or size paper is not suitable for printing smaller size 10 cm or paper very heavy.
(C) rubber parts on the printer and responsible for the clouds had happened In that case, the damage must be sent to the maintenance center.

Seventh problem:

A squeeze before he pulls the paper from its place? 


Make sure that the printer does not have any paper jammed inside and is usually in the the geyser area or printer in the area of ​​clouds or she did not withdraw from place mainly nutrition.
Make sure that the printer placed on a flat surface.
Evidence of the paper in the printer press hard on the paper.
This might happen, the breakdown of the survey unit scanr your printer and it requires sent to the maintenance center.

The eighth problem :

Instability of printing in different places in terms of the printed paper can be scanned by hand?


First make sure that the paper does not have drops of water or any other liquid , although not drawback of paper problem if lies in the damage or hole in the pod geyser , and this hole to prevent the arrival of heat to the paper as it passed on the heater causing the problem and therefore must Geyser reform in the maintenance center .

The ninth problem :

Color printed paper violation of what is present on the screen?


In the case that the laser printing , all colors will be on the screen is gray bicycle on paper and not just dark black .
In the case of jet printers DISK JET, you must first make sure your printer definition is the correct definition , but you need to download software for your printer definition again.
Select the INK derail paper experience SELF TEST by clicking on the button , which tops the close button on the front of the printer for at least 20 seconds and exited colors satisfactorily the problem in the program definition or in the printing ink and an increase in sure do three small boxes with basic colors and compare it with a paper SELF TEST van experience was not matching , the problem lies in the permission print definition and that the choice was unsatisfactory need to change the ink .

Tenth problem :

Slow printing process contrary to what is usual ?


May be the reason is
Hottest printer and computer, and this may affect on speed shut them down quickly for comfort .
A virus on your computer , so download antivirus .
. Definition program does not install less than the original specifications of the printer , for example the P4 prove her definition of HP software .

The eleventh problem :

Geyser HEATER damage your printer ?


Damage the heater when a Hasher printer PAPER JAM and we’re dealing with the printer badly in trying to bring out the paper jammed supply only of things consequent on use damage in the pod heater, not the heater completely and advice here, do not try to use force or tools hard to bring out the papers from the printer when crammed and treated with this matter patiently and quietly so as not to worsen the problems.

Twelfth problem :

The printer is not in one level obviously they are light in one intensive aspects on the other side ?


Change the ink tray If not solve the problem for you , send them to the service center where the problem often lies in the scanning unit in the printer and solve simple and inexpensive they often do not need only a simple cleaning process .

The thirteenth problem :

The issuance of high voices of the printer zoom or tick voice cracking Xi inside the printer ?


Is another, ink tray , and continued to voice the problem often lies in the motor pinion or geyser gear .

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