What to do about noisy central heating system

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What to do about noisy central heating system – When your central heating system will work well, it will run quiet and smooth. If you start hearing noises from your heating system , it may be an indication that there is a problem . Noisy system is also annoying and can interrupt sleep and other relaxing activities . The best way to determine the source of the problem by making some easy troubleshooting. Below you will find a few things to check , attempting to investigate a noisy central heating system .

squeaking Sounds

If you hear creaking noises coming from the floor or the walls when your heating system is running, it could indicate a problem with the pipes below the floorboards or within the walls. As hot water travels from your boiler to the walls , it makes the pipe to expand. As the water cools , the pipe then reduced back to their normal size. If extended tube will fit too tight on the floor , you will hear a creaking noise as they expand and contract . Locate the source of the noise and check the pipes in that area. If the pipes – sagging attempt put the pieces of felt around the pipes in the area , to create a better fit . If the pipes – too difficult trying to reduce the mark at the surface , to create more space for pipes to expand. Make sure the pipes do not touch , so once again use felt to create a separation between the pipes.

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Banging Sounds

Knocking sounds created in the boiler when the water flow is stopped too quickly. When the water flow is stopped abruptly , it creates a wave in the pipe due to banging noise . Noise will often continue until the waves are not justified . If your system has a defective valve , signals, or a ball valve , it could prevent water from flowing through the system smoothly. If you check out all of these elements and still hear the banging noise , check the flow of water to ensure that it does not move too fast.

Buzz Sounds

Buzzing sound coming from your heating system , usually occur in the pump. First, check the speed of the pump. If it is set too high , which can cause a problem and can be easily adapted . If this does not work , then replaces or installs anti-vibration brackets to fix the noise. If these two steps do not correct the buzzing sound can be the size of the pipes. If the tubes are too small to accommodate the amount of water they carry it can also create a humming sound. To install the large pipe , you may need to seek professional help . When troubleshooting your central heating system always makes sure that it complied with the necessary safety precautions to avoid injury . If the troubleshooting tips above do not help fix the problem , you may need to consult a professional .

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