Noise and vibration causes the air in the pipes

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Noise and vibration causes the air in the pipes

What if when you open the tap or turn on the shower pipe noise ? – The questions of readers of the newspaper St. Louis Today in chief specialist of economic Supermarket Home Depot.

There are several reasons why the pipes there are noise and vibration . Most of them will not be difficult to remove . sewage pipes Repair & Replacement and installation.

First of all , check all connections are secure and the connection.

The second reason may be that two or more tubes your are too close to one another , and when the water running over them, they knock against each other. In this case, wrap each pipe foam insulation . Repair of the water supply system.

The most probable reason , however, is that the air enters the tube . Usually this occurs when the sound is dying down after a while. Dollars for 25 you can purchase a ” fuse from water hammer ” in the nearest hardware store , specialty stores or in a hardware store . Once installed in a vertical position ” fuse from water hammer ” will capture and compress air , working as a shock absorber . If you have already installed such a device , and the sound of the pipes going on, maybe you should shut off the water supply to the house and drain the water from the system and then fill it with fresh water. Blockages in the pipes, washes, laundries, showers and toilets.

Noise and vibration causes the air in the pipes

Another possible reason – too high water pressure at the inlet. At a pressure of more than 5.6 kg/cm2 pipe can begin to vibrate. In most homes inlet water line pressure regulator of water whereby the water pressure can be regulated. Adjust the water pressure in the boiler.

Please take into account that such adjustments are often necessary to change 15 years after installation.

Also, if you have an independent water supply in the house , that is, source of water is a well, it is possible that there is damage to the rubber membrane expansion tank . Such membrane will have to be replaced. Toilet tank repair.

Finally, the pipes can accumulate lime deposits and scale that block the water. Scale can try to remove the chemical washing or , much easier , plus a one-time will not , and the result of a long – having anti-scale device .

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