Multi-risk home insurance: peace of mind guarantee

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Our home is very important to us, but especially now that comes the winter value is reached after a long and cold day, to accommodate us on our couch covered by our blanket and with our warm infusion. Therefore it is essential to protect our House of any problems that may arise and, although as owners are not obliged to protect it with a home insurance (unless you have a mortgage of through), it is highly recommended since since a pipe breaks, leaks or damp through rain, or leave a tap until you reach other damage by weather phenomena are some claims that could damage our home and repair without insurance can cost us an arm and face.

But still, when it comes to secure our home have different options that rating depending on the coverage you want to have: not all banks are the same, so today we will tell you about the insurance multi-risk.

What is an insurance?

Assurance solutions increasingly more cover the most common risks, covering fire, water damage, electrical damage, extreme weather conditions or theft; that is why insurance passed to be called insurance multi-risk, because they cover many risks. Currently, there is insurance multi-risk home, for our business, our company or our community.

Insurance of this type, not everything that happens in our House is assumed by an insurer. The lack of maintenance and the deterioration due to the passage of time, is not covered under any policy of the market. If someone tells you that everything you spend will be covered by your home insurance, it is cheating, is not and never will. Insurance we will protect you from unforeseen events or acts of God and dropping a House to gibs because we have not invested to keep it in perfect condition for years, is not.

Today we are going to talk about the structure that have insurance multi-risk and its coverage for damage.

Basic coverages

Water damage

Leaks through the roof, the roof… also a rupture of a pipeline or leave the tap open; as well as those derived from meteorological phenomena.

Electrical damage

Those damages caused by, for example, a power surge which damaged the food stored in refrigerators or freezers will be compensated.

Fire damage

Whether they are damaged by flames, smoke or explosion, damages will be covered by your company.
Costs of demolition, rubble removal or salvage

Damage caused by theft or theft within the family home

In furniture, cash or jewelry, among other goods, such as those damages in the House for these offences are covered. In these cases also may be covered changing locks and the replacement of keys.

Multi-risk home insurance: peace of mind guarantee

Damage by vandalism or malicious acts

Robberies outside the familial home: whenever there is violence of means (theft and not theft) and the corresponding complaint stolen will be covered. In these cases, they also tend to be the compensation covered by the fraudulent use of credit cards that have been stolen or stolen during the robbery or theft.
Loss of rentals or temporary uninhabitable housing as a result of accident in the same
Breakage of glass, sanitary ware or ceramic hotplates will also be included
As well as Civil liability, claim damages and legal expenses
Other coverage that can be included optionally, depending on the chosen policy:
Repair of appliances, boilers, or audio and video.
Computer support
Emergency medical care as a result of an accident in the home
Reconstruction of the garden
The cosmetic damage, both on the continent and content
Goods temporarily displaced when we are on vacation
Expand the coverage of Civil liability (including ownership of pets)
You see an insurance for the home has many advantages, if still you want to buy insurance for your House but you still have doubts, we will advise you before, during and after your insurance contract.

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