How to make Windows on the slopes with the drywall alone

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Installing new Windows in the apartment requires some attention, but no less serious and should be taken to the slopes on the Windows, because they protect the quality of the process and made the opening of the bone window. How to make Windows on the slopes with the drywall router.

The correct sequence of actions, in preparation for the opening of the window

We all remember the slopes at the time you install Windows, and around them are grotesque spectacle too-stick foam stitches left a hole in the paint, and sometimes the nails from walls and rugs (outstanding insulation installation points and the old Windows) and so on. All this is very frustrating, and it’s all we need to remove before installing the slopes. But the most important point is that you should remove all not only to stabilize the slopes, but be sure to install the same window. So be sure to think of preset.

How to repair window sills

Setup and installation of plastic windows

When you install plastic window glass with class, luxury wooden swing around with the hammer, shovel or other tool is not very accurate, because you can in an instant smash products that cost you breaking the Bank, well, or cripple for recognition. We don’t need it, so try to implement such actions in advance.

Thus, most of the preparation. When the old framework removed from the hole, make sure to remove the glass and frame, they no longer need us and will create obstacles for the future only. Now we have an opportunity window is empty, shabby, broken sometimes by many layers of decoration decorating attempts it. Beat paint, take out the screws, wall filler rubber tape walls and old rags-materials remain sealed box very fond (and then think, evil place of microorganisms). In General, and in the end we have to clean the window, and select plastic or wooden box, and begin addressing slopes drywall.

Make sure you take care of a window opening during this work, so you can do further processing much faster.

How to install drywall on the slopes open window?

Of course, we miss the process and stages of installing Windows on another topic also considers completely, proceed immediately to seal window slopes.

First, let’s find out exactly how our gypsum cliffs. Maybe the glue, but it is a realistic frame, because you can box around it creating any design and layout work very effectively. Consider it more practical and convenient option that would use the power of everyone, not just the pros, which is already well aware of how to make the slopes on Windows with drywall.

Install drywall without errors

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Slopes installing plasterboard glue

Can the installation only on glue, any additional elements, but it is only in the case of standard wall and working with a pro. Will install slopes glue allows to save a bit on slides, but may increase the cost of the glue. In addition, there will be always to work with the level that is very comfortable.

Install drywall the right slopes-in tape and glue

To reduce the time spent and the loss of neurons, will need worked once with a tape measure, level, develop the necessary dimensions in materials and planning for the opening of the window trim, then there is no need for the tools in the data itself.

Signs on metal or wooden frame installed special order L-shaped bracket that will capture the drywall side of glass. It captures and forwards into the plasterboard Panel finish Visual and physical layer for it. On the other hand, where the Panel is ready to fix the slope adjacent to the wall, we will have the following-reference first, then glue and press against the wall for a few nails, and a corner (the intersection of the drywall hole pad)-element to align the corners.

Thus, understanding the process and stages, you’re ready. In the sequence has been installing panels, installation of gypsum, interdependence, (select necessary for stripping is not “gone” in glue, and remained in the position we need. and more so that the internal pressure and change panels installation level can create insulation plasterboard which is often placed on the cliffs). In General, I will, but before further processing, which was necessary after installing drywall on the slopes of the Windows, you will need to give our design dries, or rather, the glue on the inside.

Possible problems with plastic windows

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The decoration on the slopes of plasterboard

There is no big deal, especially because we have seen again and again a similar process in detail. You will need to put the soil materials to give it a dry, good range of slopes and pull the corners, both internal and external.

When the putty dries, it will need to write up a completely flat surface and apply the finishing decoration, and often it’s just white or light color that complements the window in any room.

How the slopes of drywall on Windows

Please don’t forget to use metrics and test yourself and several sizes of shot, make sure you adjust the level of work you don’t have to start all over again after it has already completed the process.

Today we tell you how to make the slopes on Windows with drywall and left to give only one piece of advice-to try to arrange the slopes as soon as possible, because not very new window along with rough window open, Especially make slopes on Windows with plasterboard is very easy.

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