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do it yourself repair an old bathroom without extra costs In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to do it yourself repair an old bathroom without extra costs.
Of course, the bathroom renovation is a troublesome and costly affair. And when there is no money to spare, and his eyes would not look at this horrible toilet seat, cast iron pipes, leaky valves,Conclusion, ignoring the announcement of teams enough experienced plumbers, remember how to hold in their hands the wrench to quickly and accurately make repairs yourself.

You will need the following tools and materials. Need pipes for water supply and sewerage. Need vinyl siding for walls and ceiling. Handsaw or utility knife. Corners and baseboard. Reiki, hammer, nails, of course. Boards. Beautiful ceramic tiles. Of course, the tile adhesive. A little cement for floor leveling. Level. And, finally, glue for attaching various accessories.

bathroom renovations

Change all the old pipes in plastic pipes. Modern plastic pipes can be mounted quickly enough. Importantly, however, remember the sequence of different with. Ask about the subtleties of their connection, because there are a lot of little secrets.
Fasten the bath. If the old cast iron bath for years of service , secure it by putting a small clutch of 10-15 bricks.

decorating the walls. Really appreciate the walls of the bathroom. If they need to be aligned for a long time, it is best to look for alternatives and not think how to lay the tiles. A good alternative to ceramic tiles today can be vinyl siding. Carefully align the walls under it do not, it will be enough to exactly fill thin. Secure the siding as completely normal lining, i.e. by means of nails and a hammer.

Hide the tubes. Box is made of boards, which in the future and water pipes and sewage pipes. It is sheathed with siding.

the ceiling. Fully finished with the walls of the same mounted on the ceiling. Next, just under the plastic panels is wiring for ceiling fixtures.

floor covering. Bathroom floor tile will have to cover, as do the “plate” with the help of a dry mix, then carefully align the flooring using a small level. For convenience, you can place “beacons”. undergarment will be dry for approximately 24 hours. This is a special glue tiles. A day after all this, you can walk on the floor.

finishing touches. New mat, mirror, blind to the bathroom, various shelves and all the rest these things will give your bathroom a completely new look.
do it yourself repair an old bathroom without extra costs