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The order of execution of works for the repair office – The main purpose of the repair of offices is a qualitative transformation of office space. The degree of conversion varies depending on what type of repair is selected.

With the decoration can change the surface shape space, using overhaul can complete change of appearance of the office.

Plan repair work in each individual case is different

The order of execution of works in cosmetic repair of office space.

Redecorating offices shall be made, when the layout of office space fully meets the needs of the host company, and is only required to update the external decoration.

Begins redecorating with painting works. If required surface preparation – is being prepared. Then change the doors, furniture, floor covering. And in the end held electrical work. If desired, change the owner of all wiring. The result will be updated decoration appearance office.

If the customer wishes can completely change the style office, picking the appropriate finishing materials.

The execution order of the major overhaul works office

Overhaul of office space involves redevelopment of the premises, with a fundamentally new arrangement all communications. Often in the course of overhaul is necessary to prepare a new office to accommodate office and technical upgrading. All this is decided at the stage of design – the project of repairing your office. Then take down the old mills and built new interior partitions. After completion of the redevelopment can start painting. Then change the doors and floor coverings. During electrical work is changing the wiring. Plumbing changes only when necessary. This type of repair also includes the installation of air conditioning systems. In some cases, changing the heating system.

When refurbishing office must necessarily developed a design project

In this design – the project will be listed in detail all stages of work, types of finishing materials for ceilings, walls, floors. The office thought out separately.

It is important to correctly distribute jobs, given their functional features, including questions on the coverage of each individual workplace.

And if employees need complete silence to perform official duties, in this case carefully thought soundproofing these jobs. Very carefully thought out layout and office equipment.

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