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Can I opt out of overhaul
It happens that in the decision to overhaul. But some tenants by making major repairs in the apartment, from repair houses refuse to. That would entail the rejection, As a rule, first by the local management company bypassed apartment tenants or arrange a general meeting, at which information is scheduled to be repaired. wishes to […].
How to replace the battery of the central heating in apartment
In houses built-in the past radiators are usually made of cast iron. Sometimes it happens that in the winter, when the street is particularly cold, these radiators are warm the room. In this situation, we recommend that you replace the old style radiator on the modern model of the radiators. For replacement it is necessary […]..
Restoration of window coverings
The work associated with restoration refinishing wooden window must be in the warmer months, in a dry place. The best option-if restoration coverage is in the shop for production of Windows. One of the advantages of wooden Windows is that they can be easily repaired. Wooden Windows from PVC or aluminium profiles can be repaired […].
Repair of dents on wood frame
First, wax pencils - assorted colors- fill the Dent, then put Nail Polish or paint. That would not stain glass, during repair it with construction adhesive tape. Restoration of the paint of any color to make easier than varnishes. The result is more beautiful and reliable. So, if you’re only going to buy wooden Windows, choose […].
repair window frames and glazing
Of course the repair or restoration is not, as most glass completely change. It is desirable that the repair is to replace the glass was the same firm that installed the Windows. In this case, the form and color of the bead will be identical. Typically, companies long kept drawings with dimensions of a double-glazed […].
Restoration of the silicone
Between the wooden part of the window sash and glass is silicon. From exposure to the Sun, detergent and other aggressive influences silicone is broken. Restoration is done by removing the damaged layer and the application of a new. As with restoration glass, repairs and the best produce at the place of manufacture of the[…].
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