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do it yourself accordion door installation In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to do it yourself accordion door installation.

Accordion folding doors are good that occupy very little space. They are installed in wide doorways, where commonly used swing door, built-in closets and compartments. They usually have a similar structure: the top rail is sliding door consisting of two narrow loops held together by shutters. Door-harmonica to buy ready-made or make her two blind doors. And install the door-accordion you can independently. We will tell you how to install a door-harmonica with his hands.
Measure the top width of the Wardrobe or door frame, looking where you want to install the door and we cut off the rail to fit. If the mounting hole on the rail portion of the cut, bore through the use of spiral drills new.

Using the mounting holes as guides, overlie in the lower side of the top panel wardrobe holes and fix the rail. We foster the latch on the left side of the rail.

Following the instructions outline the position of the axle to the top of the left side of the door. With a drill bit the same diameter as the shaft, drilled in the butt whole to a depth of detail. Insert the axle so that the top of it appeared on the face. Similarly, set the bottom axis.

Attach the feet to the lower-left corner of the wardrobe. After doors can be aligned vertically and horizontally using the supplied wrench to adjust the lower heels and restraint screws in the plate.
do it yourself accordion door installation
Outline guide position, located on the top edge on the right side of the door. drilled holes according to the diameter of the fitting Guide and install guide.

Attach the hinges. This is done from the back of the door. Put one next to the other door, leaving a gap of 3 mm between them. Place along the doors of three loops at the same interval, the outline of the mounting holes, bore through them and fix the hinges.

Install the door handle in the centre right of the door is such a location allows to open and fold door in one motion.

Then proceed directly to the installation door fold down the bottom and insert the axle into the receiving plate at the bottom of the Cabinet. Then insert the top pin and guide rail and move the door to the closet wall so that the top shaft locks into place in the waiting room of the latch rail. If done correctly, you can use the door.

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