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design and repair small apartment  - Unfortunately , not everyone can find a million or two to buy apartments of 100 square meters. It is not uncommon when the family lives in a studio or just a small apartment . Nowhere to go, but all you need to look with optimism. Positive - that’s what makes in any situation . So let’s get to the good points: 10 tips on how to make a small apartment cozy .

The most important thing to remember happy owners own mini housing - zoning . This magic word will be a good helper in the repair and design small apartment . Space should be organized and divided into functional blocks, to extract the maximum benefit of every inch . Furthermore, each member needs to personal space . It follows the basic principle of zoning : the division of the apartment into two major sections - public (space for joint recreation ) and personal ( personal comfort corner) . Separate one area from another can be different techniques : lighting, color, decoration materials, decorative partitions . Consider each method in detail.

Lighting is selected depending on the purpose of each zone. In the individual compartment unless it is used as an office , you can make one large lamp , and use a table lamp. If own corner serves as a bedroom , there is installed a chandelier with soft light and bedside lamp lights. Another part of the room is equipped with floor lamps , chandeliers, sconces or a different color , style and type of lighting. Do not forget about the main problem - the division of space .

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With flowers and surfacing materials more or less clear . Just take something else and do. This is a great option for fans new and interesting : even a small space to create a unique blend of different styles of interior design and use several favorite colors and shades.

The most common type of zoning - using partitions , screens , curtains, bookshelves. Decorative partitions are often made of “light” materials : plasterboard or chipboard. They can install the mirror , thereby significantly expand the space , and the room filled with light and air .

Bookshelves and cabinets will not only share the room , but also save a place that will not be ” idle ” : it fits in the cupboard so many books , gifts , boxes and tubes . Especially if there are a lot of sections and tiers !

The next item in terms of the novice ” repairman ” - finish flat . To avoid accidentally steal space from themselves , use natural and natural materials , bright colors and smooth texture . Plain wallpaper or plaster will be better to catch and scatter light , so even on a cloudy day you will not feel dark prison . Artificial light sources should be a lot - for the same purpose ( enhanced lighting and prevent depression. Yes, that’s right) .

Do not be afraid accents and bright colors . No need to convert an apartment into a museum with white walls , floor and ceiling. Although, of course , you can leave them white , but compensate for this unusual design solutions and crazy colors. Acid- green curtains , lamp with yellow shade , bookshelves blue or coral handles cabinets. Live immediately become easier and more fun.

Most important in the design of small apartments - to strike a balance between the need to expand the space visually enlarge the living space and the desire to bring individuality and bright notes . In the implementation of the last paragraph of accessories will help things hand-made, stylish wallpaper . Follow your dream and you will certainly make for a truly comfortable home.

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