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A few years ago it was very difficult to create a completely flat floor surface, so they often turn to experts who spoke of his work considerably. With the advent of mixtures used in the self leveling floor, every job is much simpler, and since then was flat floor surface in force even beginners reformer. As a result of the deployment of the solution formed a smooth surface, which is ideal for the conclusion of that flooring needed, although industrial areas, and the word itself can serve as a paint finish.

Repair self-leveling floor

Preparatory work before pouring self-leveling floor

Polymer Flooring System a decorative Finish For Concrete Floors

Before you start installing liquid sex to prepare carefully the surface, and it is a basic rule when developing any floor covering. If at this stage, the whole work would be in vain, as can the pattern floor Peel and crack.
First and foremost, you must completely cleaned the surface of the concrete floor of debris and dirt, wash and dry it. After that, the laminated surface can be saturated, making it more durable concrete porous base. Then apply two coats of primer. Keep in mind that the structure of the Earth must be filled within one day, after the application of the soil. He poured the floors, you must only follow the instructions applied by the manufacturer, will depend on how that Word will be durable and reliable. It is necessary to take into account the need to maintain the exact proportions of water and mix, liquid was not enough, will form the floor cracks. Solving the homogeneous and there is formation of blocks must be dry in the liquid mixture, but not in the reverse order. The solution is mixed with a special attachment on a drill. You must use ready solution within a certain period of time. If this solution unacceptable thickens reduce water, such as the power of the Word will be very low.

Time-lapse Of Self Leveling Floor

Self leveling conservatory floor.
Time lapse Of Self Leveling Floor
Installing a floor liquid is very simple and requires no special tools and skills. You can control the thickness using the applied to the planning of the wall. Originally the entire solution is poured into small parts primed and squeegee with rubber or other devices, distributed evenly on the surface layer. On the top floor where the coating thickness must be less than 5 mm. After following the conclusion, using needle roller and remove air bubbles. Time and then it will be possible to use this word and make it a floor, depending on the manufacturer to apply the mixture dry. Usually, the polymerization is within 21 days.

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Self-Leveling Application TimeLapse

After we ran a shot-blaster over the floor and installed the Mapei VS moisture mitigation epoxy we installed a 1/4" self-leveling ....
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