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Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance.

Submersible pump used for pumping water in the storage tank, Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance, water soul inside a suburban home,If the shower cabin is located in a residential suburban home, then the normal work of the soul in many respects will depend on the water system. If the House is provided with water from a well, the water supply scheme is organized so that the pump is constantly in the well and connected to the system via a remote switch and pressure switch.
Brings water from the sump pump polypropylene tube must be immersed into the ground to the level below the depth of freezing. In the pipe using a special seal cable. After heating cable put the valve air from the system and check valve that prevents the discharge of water into the well on a United vessels. Then set the switch of the pump and filter fine cleaning, if the water in the wells is not the same excellent quality that can have unwanted mechanical impurities. Purified water enters the membrane tank, it supports the required pressure, saves time on pump and its resource efficiency.

The inclusion of the pump is regulated using the pressure switch; It is advisable to install the pumps, submersible type, which when working do not generate noise.

New column can be used as a stove for heating the cottage type small . For these purposes, you can use the old column bottom-just take off her faucet and fill tank with sand.

For water supply for the House you want to build a water pipe with welded polypropylene tubes that are not afraid of freezing. When such organizations water supply can be equipped with bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. The water is heated using a conventional electric water heater 80 l-this amount is enough for using the soul of a three-family man.
Shower at their summer cottage Operation and maintenance
Pipelines and storage tank located on the cold attic without heat insulation, be sure to insulate against freezing. Most freeze pipes of small diameter, through which water moves not constantly. When a pipeline from the artesian well runs through the space, which is adjacent to the heated rooms, and immediately placed node in the afternoon there is a positive temperature to 5 ° c. If night hit strong frosts, then the room temperature can fall below freezing, the water in the pipe may freeze. Search for the location of the ice jams are quite hampered.

This problem is available to decide if aid laying cable that is included, if the owners for a long time to leave the House. You can equip this cable temporary relay; then it will work in a given time limits, for example at night, while strengthening the clauses. Or buy already prepared pipe in the insulation, which is provided with a protective sheath and cable. Usually in this diagram use electric self-limiting twin-core cable, which is heated to 65 ° c.

At water House with individual wells or wells with pumping station, which is located outside, be sure to check the condition of the pump and piping. Of course, it is better to install a pumping station in room, as it is able to operate with positive temperatures below 5 ° c. In advance to check and, if necessary, Unclog filters water system.

Submersible pump used for pumping water in the storage tank, the winter can be left in the water.

In the well or wells, the water does not freeze, as usually found below the level of soil freezing. But the top hole is desirable to protect the lid with timber.

In addition, you need to thoroughly inspect the entire water supply system: check the pipes for leaks, the serviceability of locking valves so they don’t missed the water. When detecting leakage must urgently resolve the fault. You might want to replace are not subject to repair sections of pipe.

Sometimes on the walls of a well formed the icing, and on the surface of water in a heavy frost is able to receive ice. So the well head and cover well to warm any environmentally friendly material, in particular, you can use the Board and beam cross-section of 10 X 10 cm. The walls of the well to warm foam on depth up to 15 m Depths of insulating layer is easy to identify by the level of soil freezing in a particular area. These measures will help maintain the wells permanent positive temperature within 5-10 ° c.

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replace a old out side shower with newer one... Also a walk down to the ocean at end of video with baby the dog..
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