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Seven notable material properties.

Lightweight materials, so is strong enough. Plastic tile is much easier and more powerful than any type of wall.
The ability to choose for themselves creative color: blue, green and beige. Any! Today there is a huge selection of plates according to the color and shape.
Can be installed by hand, without recourse to professional builders.
PVC panels easy to care for. Enough to kill it with a wet cloth to clean again and as before.
The versatility of materials is also a big plus. Plastic handles both the walls and the ceiling. Undoubtedly, it is very convenient and practical.
PVC-material is non-toxic. It can be used without any restrictions. Is that you can’t eat.
Panels finish eliminates the need to align the wall. Enough to install under it, which later installed on the motherboard.

Installation of plastic sheeting

It’s time to answer the question about wall plastic panels packing? It is hard, then deliberately mislead you. Dealing with this problem are able to both is absent from school work.

Work begins on the installation window. Often wooden rods of different cross-section. The thinner the beam, the more you save space useful.

Perfect size-20 to 40 mm. Are mounted flat bars, let loose all the wall 20 mm, which is unacceptable. If space does not allow to save, use the section bar strong 50-50 mm.

Records are routed parallel to the Earth for a few pieces on top. One indulges necessarily about sex, one on the roof and two pieces between them. Clamping bars on the wall with a screw nail. Should be long enough to pass through the thickness of the wood and a firm foothold in the wall.
Record is set precisely on the level, is necessary even for lining. If the bottom of the wall between the bar and the wall of wooden wedges are inserted (chips). This forces the dowel screws additional requirements. Must be strong enough, and the length is calculated from inventory.
Repair the walls with plastic panels
Each Panel has a plastic tongue and Groove and attached to the cage in two ways. In the first case, small screws clamping plate deeper part. A second construction stapler is used for products with metal pins. In our opinion this is the most convenient option for reliable quickly.

If you plan to light several walls, and no one will want to set the corner decorative element that connects the panels form the angle. The Special Summit of the Group of the substructure, which will obscure the end plates.

After the first Panel will be installed and secured, you need to insert the next Groove right mounted only. Thus, connected to each other, along with the packaging of nails or staples. Make sure that each product is included in its predecessor, without gaps. Only in this way can get a smooth surface optically.

Close the Panel you need to cut to size, set in the inner corner of the ornate and then put in place. Electric plastic parts well, and metal and wood with small teeth. This is not a smart way you can light the walls of plastic panels.

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