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Repair cabinet compartment yourself Wardrobe - it is a common furniture that has an excellent functionality, good storage capacity , beautiful design and takes up little space . However , despite all the advantages , wardrobe has only drawback : it is frequent breaking sliding doors. Especially if the doors are installed on a cheap , weak mechanism . Troubleshoot this kind can be yourself.

First we need to establish the cause of failure . Practice shows that most often the cause of jamming doors becomes common dust that accumulates in the tracks . That is why it is recommended from time to time in this place vacuuming or wiping with a damp cloth . So before you start to repair the cabinet compartment , again carefully , make sure that the cabinet doors for dust-free .

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Repair cabinet compartment yourself
Further examination is recommended to make the rollers ( wheels ) in the bottom of the door . Very often, the wheel can jump out of the track , which is the cause of poor door opener. In such cases you just need to fix the wheel, and repair cabinet compartment on this end . Will be much harder to replace the rollers. To start sliding door removed . This is best done as a couple . If the rollers with brakes , then they must be pre- open . Usually divided three types of stoppers : the first type - the ones that open by turning on the vertical axis , the second - with a click and folding stopper , the third type - stoppers , which are put forward when picked door. Be mindful that the upper rollers were not hooked . After that, take a screwdriver and remove the damaged rollers and replace them with new ones of a similar type .

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Very often lends itself to not only damage door opener , but also the surface of the door leaf . Small cracks on the mirror can be gently removed using an adhesive resin . If the crack is large, and it is necessary to fully replace the mirror , then repair the cabinet compartment is carried out in specialized workshops . At home, it’s impossible.

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