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Must use a vapor barrier using Litex boards against the outside wall and floor ? All exterior walls and floors to unheated basement or outdoors must have a vapor barrier if the wall / floor containing wooden structures . Litex board is a vapor barrier in addition to being waterproof membrane wall and floor.

The vapor-proof Litex boards characterized by a pressure Litex Logo in black ink across the plate width For discs that are not vapor-proof ( ie without Litex Logo on disc ) must use liquid applied membrane or primer with vapor density properties together with Litex boards achieve approved vapor values against an outside wall and floor. Coating membrane or primer is applied on the warm side of the plates . If the outer wall already contains plastic , this should be removed before installation of Litex

Can Litex be base on wet floors with underfloor heating directly on the disc?
Heating up to 11 W per ch or 150 W per square meter can be glued directly to the board and covered with a silicon compound that can withstand water. Grout is applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Heating at 12 - 17W per L.M. must raise a minimum of 5 mm from Litex board. This can be resolved by installing cables on a reinforcing mesh which will not rust and has a wire thickness of 2.5-3mm and a gauge of about 8 x 8 cm.

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