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How to treat a wall and a wet ceiling-Processing a damp wall. A lamentable breakdown, cracks, water damage . well, many factors can cause a damp wall. However, it can not be effectively treated without establishing the origin of moisture. General and complete diagnosis from a professional will therefore provide more details on the origin of evil. The treatment to be adopted will then depend on the comprehensive assessment. Establishing a diagnosis will of course after studying the apparent signs inside and outside (mold, peeling wall coverings, saltpetre, peeling wall coverings …). The treatment of the wall will begin after this diagnosis.

If condensation is often opts for ventilation and aeration. For processing the cracks, usually employs the use of a water-repellent mortar to the butcher. If you face a problem of infiltration (roof, gutters …), you must conduct a full audit of the facilities prior to treatment. For older homes, moisture in the wall is often due to capillary rise. In this case, the problem is more complicated and the treatment must be done by a professional.

How to treat a wall and a wet ceiling

Processing a wet ceiling

Following the example of the wall, moisture from a roof can have many origins. The most common problems are usually related to infiltration, condensation or even ski capillaries. To measure the extent of moisture from the ceiling, simply detect visible signs, such as halos moisture, mold and fungi that are beginning to be outstanding from the outside.

Repairing Exterior Wall Damp Patch Handyman Tips

It is enough surface treatment until the problem is limited to condensation or seepage. So you have a water-repellent surface (cleaned area). The anti-moisture paint can also be effective. The principle is the same for both methods: treatment should be applied in several layers until the ceiling has completely absorbed the product.

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