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How to tear down a wall in the apartment
How to tear down a wall in the apartment In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to tear down a wall in the apartment.
Currently many dare to make alterations in the apartment. In most cases, standard planning of developers not satisfied customers. Often the apartment consists of load-bearing walls and partitions. That’s in the past and there is a problem when too much. The easiest way to remove some of them and the space in order. Everyone knows that a bearing wall can not clean, there are plates, and can crash the entire entrance. And partitions, you can easily clean up. On our site we suggest you familiarize yourself with the video lesson on the demolition of the walls in the apartment.

There are still external wall that opens onto a balcony. The thing is, the plate is clamped to the wall and does not has fallen. Therefore this wall better not bear to avoid collapse. In practice, the load bearing walls can be identified by the location of the ceiling panels in the apartment. Such walls often go along home, but not always. Sometimes it is done so to support under the slab was not only ends, but also from the side. Prefabricated houses is a big problem, because all the walls in these buildings is the carrier.

By the standards of a plate in the apartment calculated on an evenly distributed load in the one hundred and fifty kilogram per square meter. But the load from the brick walls. Therefore, before you begin to wear, check out all the nuances of this case. But the collapse of plates can occur only if a weak support, or was affected bearing wall. So easily you can begin to transfer or demolition of the walls in the apartment.

But, either way, you will have to contact the specific instance to get permission for redevelopment in his apartment. Because, if you do not, then you may have problems such as payment of a fine in the area a thousand and more rubles, or the Court may be asked to return the apartment to its former appearance. Agree, it is not required.
Note that brick wall can easily break the usual hammer, but can be a lot of noise and dirt. other types of partitions present fittings that can be easily grinder. Also, you can cut the wire cutters, less noise, more efficiency. the walls it is easiest to break. You can simply unscrew the screws, remove the leaves, and then there is rent to disassemble the frame. Little noise, dirt, and quickly. Often, such operation to the demolition of the walls not lasts a long time, about 2 hours or more.


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