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How to take care for stainless steel sink ? - Stainless steel sink is now almost completely replaced the enamel . Despite the fact that they are constantly exposed to moisture, and various chemicals , keep them clean and not too difficult.

Stainless steel (in the world - stainless steel ) - very hygienic material , reliable and resistant to wear. Because of its neutral color designers use it willingly . New , fashionable today invoices steel resembling linen or corduroy, provide additional diversity , and more - it is easier to clean.

How to properly use and clean a stainless steel sink that it has not lost its functional and aesthetic benefits ? The basic principle - regular care .

With irregular care is much more difficult to return the old shine stainless steel.

After each use, the sink should be rinsed with warm water to remove food debris from the drain screen and wipe dry . This will prevent unsightly water stains on the walls and on the sink washing. At least once a day from a stainless steel sink is necessary to wash the sponge with cleaning agents for steel sinks - liquid or gel (Do not use powders, because with vigorous rubbing it can scratch the surface of the steel ) and edible oil to lubricate . His thin layer of perfectly protects the steel.

How to take care for stainless steel sink
An important advantage of stainless steel sinks , unlike enamel, is that their surface remains persistent stains and traces of colored juice , coffee or wine.
If stainless steel sink heavily contaminated , for a few hours , you can fill it with water and vinegar , and then process the detergent. After that, wash the entire surface must be thoroughly rinse and wipe dry and slightly oiled .

If the water contains a lot of iron and limestone , which causes the appearance of sediment on the surface of the steel sink , you must install the appropriate filters in the water network.
It is also important to use steel sink according to the manufacturer’s instructions . You can not hit them on the surface of solid objects , such as working tools ( this can cause scratches and dents ) . Nor can we allow contact stainless steel sink with rusty objects such as nails , screws, tools of wire wool . This can cause the surface of the steel sink rusty spots .

Do not clean steel sink with a sharp object , such as a file , knife , wire sponges , sandpaper and abrasive and / or active agents ( bleaching agents , acids, alkalis , means for removing limestone or rust ) .
Sink stainless steel should be used for its intended purpose . You can not use it in chemical laboratories or craft workshops .
With proper care , stainless steel sink will last for years .

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