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How to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard
How to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard.

These works have been widely spread in the repair or restoration of older buildings. Is the arrangement of the surface of the ceiling allows not only to hide some imperfections, but also hide their existing communications, creating the perfectly flat front side. The material is harmless and safe from fires. The durability and the provision of any form of even some pros drywall. On how to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard properly and for a long time read below.
For installation you need to level, screwdriver, drill, cord, than, mouldings, dowels with screws and the material. First level in the room. First, do it by eye, and then take the same distance from this line. Levellers is used for this work, as this procedure you need to make accurate and clear to your ceiling doesn’t look like a wavy surface of the sea.

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Fasten the profile in increments of 50 cm, and then doing the layout of our guides. They must be over 40 cm (the length of the drywall) with the expectation that the joints of the panels were made on the frame profile. Next is suspension from step 1, and then fasten the screws on her profile. Before sheathing plasterboard ceiling be sure to check the strength of the profile structure.

Fasten the letters to the rest of the building and made a profile with screws for metal (the length of them should be 25 mm). Step between the bindings is 15-20 cm, but deep into the screw you need to slightly drown it to PuTTY does not prevent future ceiling, but do not overdo it, because then it does not stick. This problem can be avoided by Foundation using special torque on the screwdriver.
Edges of sheets of drywall process plane to expand the seam for a better setting and drying of plaster (it we sealed joints). For priming, you must use a “deep Primer”, it provides and the reliability of the design, and a better grip the rest of the materials that you expect to put on drywall. Sealed joints in advance prepared a special mixture.

it in the seam, spare no effort, and then tailor tape. After the composition of the plaster, you can grab. After waiting 12-24 hours (before drying the mixture) grind the treated joints. Now you know how to sheathe the ceiling Sheetrock without much effort and expense on employees.

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In this article we will describe how to sheathe the plasterboard ceiling. Tools and necessary materials. the tools you will need, Sheathing plasterboard ceiling also refers to such works. Sheathing plasterboard not only walls, but the ceiling is not the only way, Before you decide to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard, make the markup. It is from this phase of the work will depend on the quality of the final result. On construction of the forums you can find many recommendations as to sheathe the ceiling plasterboard, how to do it correctly.


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