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How to remove the scum in Kettles – Absolutely any kettle, after use , eventually , on the heating element and the inner surface is formed scale . Therefore, the question arises as to descale kettle, to thereby extend its life . There are many effective ways descaling after application of which noticeably improve the taste of tea and coffee , which in turn allows you to keep human health.

1. Perhaps the most effective , and most importantly , safe way is to use citric acid and vinegar. To do this, fill the kettle with water by about one third , and then add the 2 tablespoons of vinegar . Then you need to plug in the kettle and watch the water does not boil. Once the water gets to boil , kettle should be turned off and then it should be left for the night, and it is better for the whole day . The next day, the kettle should be washed well .

2 . In addition to solving this problem , you can use citric acid. To do this, fill the kettle with two packages acid 25 g , and then do everything the same way as when cleaning the kettle using vinegar.

3 . Good help to get rid of the scum peel potatoes. To do this, fill the kettle with water and place the rind , and then several times to boil and cool electric . Then peel the whole pot should be removed , and then it should be washed well .

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