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How to make a fireplace with drywall
How to make a fireplace with drywall In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to make a fireplace with drywall.

A fireplace is normally used for heating of cottages and country houses. Lately it is becoming popular as a supplement to the Interior and ordinary urban apartments. This is not surprising, as the handsome fireplace helps create a more comfortable atmosphere and in addition can be used as an additional heat source. We note that to create a full-fledged branch in the apartment is very difficult and also it requires some skills and a large financial investment. And here’s to a beautiful decorative fireplace with drywall by hand is very simple.
Before you go directly to the creation of the fireplace in the apartment it is necessary to decide on its location, shape and size. The thumbnail you can think yourself, or search for interesting examples. Often the fireplace is placed in the center of one of the walls of the room. Also very interesting look angle options that allow you to save space and just look great in rooms of a small size. We note that well-formed fireplace with drywall with insulated can serve in an apartment not only as a decorative element, but also as a base for the musical Centre, tv, aquarium or various souvenirs and figurines.

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After you create the sketch outlines the installation location of the hearth, where it will use its base and attached to the frame. As a reason to use a slight elevation of brick or concrete. Don’t forget about the insulation is next to the fireplace wall. It can be processed using aerated concrete, sheet asbestos, refractory bricks or magnesite rock. After that, on the surface of the wall mounting points are planned in the framework of the profile. Such a profile, you can easily fix your hands by using screws.
After fastening the frame immediately prior to the beginning of gypsum board are laid all the necessary cabling wiring, which will give the opportunity to organize power for work and highlight the electric heating Panel fireplace. Such electrical panel due to practicality and high level security often and usually clad in gypsum board for use in the apartment as a source of heat. The inner part of the hearth is made from sheets of magnesite, which was later as heat-resistant insulated material, well reflects heat. After this, you can navigate directly to the ceiling of joints and the surface of the drywall.

Decorating the fireplace with drywall

Most probably, the most interesting part of the creation of a structure fire in the apartment is its decoration. In the absence of other features of the surface can be simply painted in basic colors. But if there is the possibility to decorate the structure it is advisable to the maximum. Thus, the fireplace will look much more interesting and will become a real decoration of the room.

For decoration you can use simulation under the brick surface, granite or tile with patterned natural marble. Very beautiful design comes completely decorated with artificial stone, who can pick up the color and texture. The most interesting and elegant option considered issuing hearths with moulding. Following the original stucco can be done with conventional polyurethane. Thus, the framed electric Panel with a simulated burning firewood is not going to yield to the aesthetic qualities of a real fire, prescribed in the big house.

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now you know how to make a fireplace with drywall, and only with it. But before you start construction, it is necessary to solve a number of issues. Create a complete fireplace in the apartment of a residential building General, therefore, consider directly, how to make a fireplace with drywall, In order to decorate the House, you can make a fireplace with drywall by hand. This fireplace can be installed even in a studio apartment. To convince someone in need of a similar item, we will not, and simply tell each one wanting to make a fireplace with drywall.


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