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How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling
How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling.

How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling. Plasterboard walls differ from solid walls because they are partitions that are mounted to create rooms or separate rooms. It is a very comfortable and practical material to work, but as it is lighter that the concrete can deteriorate with time, seismic shocks and movement. Repair is very easy and if we do it correctly you can leave the wall as if it had never been damaged.
You can build partitions with different materials: wood, bricks, plasterboard, among others. Gypsum cardboard plates are very comfortable working and have been refined, there are now resistant to moisture, tagged with green, ideal for bathrooms. Also resistant to fire, marked with red and blue are traditional for the interior walls or the ceiling.

For the trouble of drilling holes in the partitions or solid walls, a good alternative is adhesive strips. They are special to hang pictures, are very easily and they can be removed without damaging the walls.

Another typical problem in the partition are the nails or screws that begin to take a look. This occurs because leave the head flush with the plate and with changes in temperature and tremors. This is solved by beating strong the head of nails to sink them. We can help a hammer and a screwdriver.

How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling

How to fix a hole in drywall ceiling. It may be that it wants to change its place roof lights and is a hollow, as in this video has the solution. Tape the hole in plasterboard or drywall ceiling viewing the video below and leave your House as new. Repair yourself is simple.

How to fix a wall with holes or cracks

Changing furniture place or want to look different to a particular environment, we have numerous holes in the wall. The solution to make them disappear is to cover them. This task is very easy to make and can carry out any inhabitant of the House.
How to cover a hole with fillings.

The most common solution is to cover them with plastic fillings, is a product that can be purchased at any hardware store or House of paintings. The painters use it to plug holes or eliminate some imperfections before doing its work.

To fill a hole with fillings, we proceed to fill them with a spatula, peg, etc. Then, you need to expect that you dry well, and finally sanding with a mild abrasive, thus we will achieve that is not notice any difference between the wall and the hole plugged.
If we don’t have fillings, can also be covered with gypsum, with the same procedure above.

Cover or hide cracks

The plastic fillings and gypsum are also useful to cover and conceal small cracks using the same procedure above: fill, wait to dry, sanded and finally paint.For more details on how to apply plastic fillings, you can watch this video.

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