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Wet wall constantly suppresses the beauty of the wall, no matter how expensive fixtures and fittings. Because of damp walls make it look disheveled with faded colors and tough stains and mold growth. Many people seek to keep walls drier, but ultimately disappointed because they fail to address the root causes of the problem.

No wall coating supports the humidity. Sooner or later, molds are damaging it. The only solution would be to cure the evil at the root and for that, must be the most affected parts of the walls. To begin with, carefully inspect your walls and your ceilings. This is to identify moisture, to assess the extent of the damage and the necessary repair work. Make sure that all the wet parts are all found. Avoid to spread the saltpeter on the wet parts because it aggravates the situation rather than remedy.

How recondition a gradient or wet wall
To properly inspect the condition of the wall, the best method is to strip its surface starting with the elimination of the existing coating. This is valid whenever it deems it necessary to examine part. For stripping paint, use a knife painter or better yet, a heat gun, if means allow you. For wallpapers, absorb hot water and peel them with a spatula or knife. Once the walls are bare, brush the surfaces with a wire brush, sanding with sandpaper and finish by applying a coating preparation, allowing a better fixing of the new coating.

Come out of the damage to your walls!

Over time, enormous damage, even worse than the humidity, can affect your walls. This can range from a musty task towards a huge crack leaving rust on concrete. Don’t panic, every problem has its solution. Start by stripping the walls, and examine its surfaces with a powerful enough light. You can see the damage that may arise either by a visible masonry through the cracks, a visible rebar under grooves in concrete or sharp casts.

Now, to cope with the damage, try to find their origins before acting and avoid all precipitation. Meticulously choose the repair materials. I.e. a plaster filler for plaster that peels off or even a cement containing resin for concrete. For the concrete iron frame, use rust paint before quell the crack. Note that it is often necessary to widen the cracks to better perform the repair. Once you have repaired the anomalies of your walls, remember to sand with fine sandpaper to remove any imperfections.

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