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Eliminate defects in wood floors
Eliminate defects in wood floors In the category Maintenance and repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to Eliminate defects in wood floors.

Springing under feet wood floor is quite often. Usually, to fix this, between logs placed additional support in the form of a small bar. Block is covered with a small layer of glue for wood and fastened to the logs. You can simply beat his nails. In this case, at the ends of the nails should be used more. Thus, between logs it turns out something like additional cross members. They will assume the role of additional supports and stop spring.
Loosely filled floors represent a much more problem. This indicates that under the floor joists were damaged. Will likely require a complete replacement of defective elements Eliminate defects floors. Typically, this problem manifests itself in premises with the raised humidity. Spoil the lags can and termites.

This is all the same racks. Under the rack anyway will have to do. The basis can be plywood price which is readily available for the repair of the wooden floor. Arching Lago main not hurry, otherwise you can easily damage it. Laga has several phases, over a period of several days. Otherwise may suffer not only lag itself, but the entire House. A drastic change in floor level often leads to the formation of large cracks in plaster.

If the floor sags, but lags in this are quite serviceable, then get rid of sagging floor joists under setting. In private homes, as a basis for the beams you can use concrete blocks. If the House has a basement, blocks can be used instead of special racks. They are height adjustable, which sometimes is very convenient. Set rack square pieces the same thick plywood.

Metal racks are able to last a few years, but the decision is rather temporary. Moreover, if the House is preparing to sell. In this case, it is worth thinking about the structure of the steel poles. For them the best concrete basis. This is the most reliable and durable solution. This, of course, is not a full replacement of subfloor due to a defective lags. It can be straightened and simply increase new additional lags on the sides. Thus, you will get rid of additional essentially unnecessary construction and material costs.

Methods of eliminating the Squeak in the old coating

A simple method is considered removal and replacement boards. More difficult it becomes to the process of removing coatings lying directly on beams. Before harvesting damaged boards, one comb is removed using saw blades with rounded end or following with a thick blade. Communications, laid under the floor, preferably at the circuit, only after that can be neatly cut, each time stopping resistance.

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Repair of wooden floor in an apartment and private house, removing flaws, Hardwood floors are considered sufficiently robust and reliable coverage, Sometimes small defects of mortgages not visible beams by eye, Frequent defects of wood floor: descriptions and measures to eliminate it, and therefore hardwood floors on a ground with ventilation.

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