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Change part of the broken tiles-Because of the texture, tile is very weak. In fact, it can break very easily and less shock when there is an urgent need for tiles, especially in kitchen and bathroom. Aside from convenience, and waterproof, easy to clean and dry character, tiles are decorative elements that can be exploited. Repair broken tile is really annoying task, the time and effort required to fix your broken panels, just about all the tiles are susceptible to damage, particularly damage caused by impact. On the other hand, tiles, porcelain has grown to be more and more popular because it is very difficult.

Repair Broken Tiles tools?

To change your own tiles, you need the equipment. You have one or even several similar tiles + broken parts, you will need a putty knife, squeegee, sponge, scraper seal, chisels. You also need to have a hammer, chisel and Mason, brush, special sealing cement tile. All these tools are easy to find and available at hardware stores.

Change part of the broken tiles

Swapping Damaged Tiles

Once the necessary tools in your hand, you can begin to change the defective tiles. Here are the steps: first you need to remove the old tiles: gently remove the seals with a gasket scraper, move the scraper gasket along the horizontal and vertical edges of the tiles. Then with a chisel and a hammer, and which have an impact on window is broken by making several holes. Tile is almost free, so you can remove it with Mason’s chisel. Be careful, you can’t remove all of a sudden, you have tiles to select pieces by prying under the stack of tiles. Once tiles are removed, and only the excess glue will get rid with the same tool. Brush where the tiles and dust it.

How To Fix A Broken Tile

Removing A Broken Floor Tile

Cracked or chipped plates are often due to impact and must be switched off. Should normally be replaced tiles scratched too. Now apply the replacement tile, using a spoon, spread tile adhesive on the new tiles. Turn the tiles in place, then it is safe to click on tiles to the wall until the glue dries or even tile is also in place. After 24 hours, when the tile is safe and the glue has dried, apply a special gasket cement tiles must be identical to the original color. To do this, simply remove the seal with putty knife and scrape off excess with a squeegee. After 20 minutes, smooth joints with wet finger, cleaning with a sponge and water. Now change your tiles.

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